Kentucky Top Gun

Saturday September 5th, 2009





Registration starts at 8:00, the match will start at 9:00.


$15 range fee…. That includes your food and drinks for the day!!

$11 entry per gun


Trophies for first, second, and third in each class, plus top gun trophy

10 shots per match + sighters.  Targets will be balloons of various sizes


Factory Class- 200 yards--- Mass production firearms only!

No custom , semicustom  or custom shop guns


Factory Youth Class-200 yards….must be under 18..  NO CHARGE


Custom Light Class-300 yards… rifles 15 lbs and under


Custom Heavy Class-400 yards… no weight limit,


Each yardage will consist of a 5 minute sight in period followed by 10 balloons of various sizes in ten minutes.


You can shoot as many DIFFERENT rifles per class as you want but you can only shoot one in the shootoff. A shooter can win more than one trophy per yardage  but not if it requires them to shoot more than one rifle in the shootoff.

 If you shoot more than one rifle per yardage each entry  will be treated  separately  for the top gun trophy.  (Beauchamp 1 and Beauchamp 2)


For the state teams trophy you can shoot for whichever state you want reguardless of where you live


The shootoff will consist of 1 sighter, 2 balloons and 1 - 200 yard score target  shot in a 2 minute time frame. You can shoot them in any rotation but the score target is a tie breaker only


Any help will be allowed during sightin but NO SPOTTERS are allowed during the matches








2. All rifles will have the bolts removed at all times except when on the firing line and between the commands “Commence” and “Cease fire”



QUESTIONS  Call John Beauchamp  859-792-8342

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