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Rules of Engagement

Okay varminters... time to reinforce and reiterate some rules of engagement for the board. This is not meant
to piss anyone off, or target anyone in particular, I just feel the need to reiterate the code of conduct. If
you can't abide by these, then you are free to read, leave or whatever, but posts will have to abide by these rules.

(1) First off, let me say this. These "rules" or codes of conduct if you will, are really not negotiable.
I run the board, I spend the time policing it, therefore, I get to make the rules. When in doubt,
see rule number one.

(2) Please, no profanity.  This board is visited by a wide audience, males, females and kids!  I want them all to feel welcome.  Posts with vulgar language will be deleted with no explanation.  Now, the occasional “damn” or sh&% probably will be over looked, but I think y’all know what I am talking about here.

(3) When discussing the positives/negatives of a particular product, please try to make your posts informational, and not emotional.  I know its hard sometimes.  Everyone has had good and bad experiences with nearly every product out there.  We want to here them, but comments like “that’s a piece of sh*# with no explanation doesn’t do anything at all.  I’ll bet just about everyone here can point to something they did not know and appreciated someone’s timely an informative post on the relative merits of “PRODUCT A”

(4) Political discussions belong on the political board. I look at the political board from time to time, and I
might post a (nt) thread on the main board telling people about a particular thread. Again, politics on politics board.

(5) Please do not put your entire message text in the subject line of the message. Its extremely irritating and isn't necessary. If I need to, I will restrict the amount of text allowable in the subject line.

(6) No personal attacks. Period, not open for debate at all. I am the sole judge of personal attacks. Such posts will be deleted as soon as I see them, with no explanation.

(7) Novice/Neophyte questions are welcome! Don't "blast" the question. Better they ask a question than go off not knowing and possibly injure themselves or others. Please provide reasonable and thoughtful answers to those questions. Remember, some of the people asking these seemingly "stupid" or "ridiculous" questions, if treated decently, just might be the next NRA member.

(8) Don't post just to see your name in lights! Some of the threads are really nothing other than... "Hey, Im still here" If you have something to say, say it, but please don't clutter up the board with needless "dribble". I think each of you could review some of the threads on the board and see what I mean.

(9) Classified Ads are for selling stuff, not the board. However, feel free to put a Subject (nt) pointing out a new ad you  have posted.

(10) This board is principally for varmint hunting and shooting. Occassionally, we do stray off track. Deal with it. If you don't want to read it, just skip it. However, I will delete threads that I feel are really way off base, again, with no explanation. If its gone, you now know why.

(11) Courtesy is contageous.

(12) When in doubt, see rule number 1

Again, this is not meant to target anyone in particular, if the shoe fits.... If not....  In any event, thanks for taking the time to review the ROE.