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George Foster 11-27-2019 05:31 AM

Wednesday Morning
39 here in Upstate NY this morning under partly cloudy skies. The high will be about 51 with a chance of showers this afternoon. Tonight and tomorrow we have a high wind advisory, with winds to 37mph.

I was on the road half the day again yesterday and will be so again today also. I also have to fit some time in to go get my drivers license renewed. I am going to get a real license, I don't feel the need for an enhanced license with a $30 extra charge. The real is the same price as a regular and will give me what I need.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.

Ken 11-27-2019 06:44 AM

Good morning from Waseca, 30 degrees, 25 mph winds and snow everywhere. About 9 inches of it. Supposed to stop later this afternoon. I have the truck loaded for the weekend departure. Today's project is snow shovel time. At least clear a path for the mail lady.
Hope everyone has a blessed day,

MPC in Ohio 11-27-2019 06:49 AM

Good Morning
48 for now but don't stand under it - it's gonna fall !!! We have had one round of rain and wind and round two is on the way from Doug country. My Prayers for all in this weather across the country, be safe and careful in your travels. JR, I will expect you for a late dinner tomorrow too help eat that smoked turkey. Time to nail, bolt or weld everything down for the 50+ wind gust today!! Prayers for those and country. Mike

Kermit in Va. 11-27-2019 06:54 AM

Mornin boys...
Somewhere around 50 here high on RUGER Mt this morning
with rain. We had a hunt planned for turkeys this morning since
we can kill 1 today and tomorrow but...don't know if that's going to
happen. Might not be able to make it up the ridge where we be.
Tucker has to work later this morning. Me and Elijah both roosted a gang
yesterday evening...guess we'll see how it goes when we.get.there.
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...


charlie sterner 11-27-2019 08:02 AM

Good morning folks. It is 44 here with rain on the way. I'm off today until Monday. Getting a new water filter/softener today. Have some chores to do. Gotta run the garbage down the drive here shortly. Friend is coming over later to sight in a rifle. He usually sights in at only 50 yards and missed deer twice at 125 and 150 yards with a 260 Rem last season. I hate to say it, but it wasn't because of his sight in in errors.:rolleyes: May try to go for bear later. Yesterday, my cousin's gang drove a sow and 3 cubs out of the clearcut near where I hit that one in Oct. They only got one cub. I know they are still around.

I ordered Miss Sue a sous vide kit for Christmas yesterday. I guess we'll see what all the fuss is about. I wanna try prime rib.

Well, I better get moving. Have a good one.


Almost forgot...happy HUMP DAY Mike!

lightman 11-27-2019 08:35 AM

Morning Gents! Its 45 and cloudy here headed for the mid 50's. It started raining yesterday in the afternoon and continued through the night.

I came back from deer camp for Thanksgiving even though we're not having much of a Thanksgiving. Most of the family is gone off in different directions this year. The Wife is kind of depressed about the whole thing.

We are dog sitting for the oldest Son. They are comfortable with us but the Cat does not like the intruders! One of them is a chewer and lives in a crate (kennel) at night or when we are gone.

Prayers offered for those in need.

You'all have a good one.

JRinKY 11-27-2019 08:40 AM

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Good morning old man Blog from the sticks of Kentucky where we have 55 with No Wind or rain. But it did rain a bit last night.
Ken seems to have gotten all the snow, hope he makes his weekend trip to Texas safely. I guess thats where he's going, hope his house doesn't freeze up again.

Today is Travel day for millions of people and I will not venture out of the holler today. Only up on the hill to feed Otis and his cows. Safe travels to everyone. MPC, watch who you invite, JR might show up.
It has happened.

Kermit in Va. Seems to be in a state with leaders bound and determined to disarm their populace. And to think that state once was the Capitol of the CSA.
Might be rough getting the Harbers to turn in their Guns.

Off to feed Damcows and the cats and Check the Coyote snares. Everyone have a safe day

Well, we got the Big Wind now. Dean would be proud of it.

Dean in Colo. 11-27-2019 09:21 AM

good late morning all. Setting right on 0 this morning, wind chill at -10. Might have to cover up my ears when I go out to do chores :rolleyes:.
Really didn't get anything done yesterday, cold, windy, with snow in the air all day. I tried to get the old Dodge moved into the shop but it didn't cooperate. Have to put a new water pump on one of the old loaders today. May go out and look for a elk later... we'll see how hard the wind blows today.
Better get around, Gwyn is off till Monday at least so will be sleeping in some :). Have a great day, stay warm and safe.

Kentucky Fisherman 11-27-2019 09:44 AM

Good morning, GoGo. It's 60 in Louisville and the temp will go down all day from there. We had a strong, strong rain front come through about 6 or 7. I was still asleep and Miss Cindy said she was amazed it didn't wake me up, it was raining that hard. But not an hour after that rain, the skies started clearing and it's sunny now. Don't know if that storm line will hold up long enough to reach MPC or not.

I'm working from home today and hope to take off around noon or soon after to go visit family in Paducah for Thanksgiving. Miss Cindy is staying here and helping her mom host thanksgiving in Shelbyville. We'd rather be together, but helping our elderly moms is just what needs to happen right now. I'll be driving west into strong headwinds.


Originally Posted by JRinKY (Post 1117698)
Kermit in Va. Seems to be in a state with leaders bound and determined to disarm their populace. And to think that state once was the Capitol of the CSA.
Might be rough getting the Harbers to turn in their Guns.

JR, I don't know why you don't remember, but the Harbers lost ALL their guns a few years ago, don't you remember? It was back in the day when Donnie was digging all those holes for the Rugermites. He had his whole arsenal down in one of those holes when his pick broke through the top of a sinkhole and the whole stash vanished. If Donnie hadn't grabbed a rope, he'd have been gone, too. So, the Virginia gun grabbers can just scratch him off their list. All those hunting and shooting stories Donnie still tells are simply his dementia flaring up. Move along, nothing to see here. :D

Since I'm headed to Paducah, I don't know if I'll be able to connect at mom's senior living facility. If I don't make the morning call, y'all have a great Thanksgiving and BE SAFE OUT THERE.


Greyfox 11-27-2019 09:57 AM

Weather app says it's 56 in the hollow with the sun shining and will make the mid 60's today. Rained most of the night, but I haven't looked at the rain gauge. Must have been substantial because I hear the sump pump in the basement kick on about every 10 minutes or so. I have to get out and do a couple of stops on my route and then make a trip across Nashville to pick up a couple of smoked turkeys. I decided that they did such a good job I couldn't compete with the price for maybe a slight difference in flavor, not to mention the time and work involved. The next three days will be busy with three major meals and a fun match on Saturday.

G'day Y'all,

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