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George Foster 10-16-2019 05:09 AM

Wednesday Morning
46į here in Upstate NY this morning, it is to be sunny this morning and then this afternoon we have rain moving in. They say between now and tomorrow morning we could get up to 2 - 3" of rain.

I was on the road for about half the day yesterday and I hope to spend time here at home today. Nothing I would like better than taking Rusty hunting today but between the rain and the paperwork it doesn't look to be happening.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.

MPC in Ohio 10-16-2019 06:26 AM

Good Morning
Is this really Hump Day!!! It's 51 now and not going anywhere for today. Light rain for now, that should help the trencher lay in the gas line for the greenhouse. The ground is really hard from dry weather. Looks like a good morning to flush out some breakfast. Be safe and Prayers to Dean, those in need and this country. Mike

toiville2feathers 10-16-2019 06:29 AM

An early Good Morning from up here on the flooded northern prairie. Got a good case of the no sleep- ums this morning. Woke up at 2:30 and my mind is just racing. To many negative things going on with this damn hor$e sh•t fall up here. On the agenda today is move the cows back to the pastures. Moved them in so it wouldnít interfere and slow down the harvest. As wet as it is on the winter home pasture, the hoof contact is tearing it up to much to have them home for the winter. Itíll be like having on a rock pile this winter. And thereís no harvest started yet.
We have a small problem here compared to what the cattlemen in No Dakota are facing. The cattle moved into coulees to get out of the storm and got stranded in them with the heavy wet snow. With the 2-3 feet of snow some areas have its extremely difficult to get around and get to them. Now that the weather has changed and itís starting to melt the coulies are flooding. They calves are starting to drown where they canít get to them. They are searching for them with aircraft and using bulldozers to get to them..
There was an alert by Cattlemens Assoc. about one rancher on the radio, who had less missing about a 100 head of young stock who drifted with the storm, busted the fence down and now he canít find them. In addition there is lots of forage out there they wonít get harvested. Deans hay has just went up in price. Sometimes one guys loss is anotherís gain
As long as Iím awake I better make coffee and some breakfast and get ready ready for an early to shag cows for a couple days.
You have a safe day, what ever your doing and God Bless.

was skruske 10-16-2019 06:36 AM

Great morning to those sleeping in, :D

48į with a light wind & more rain coming in here near Halfway USA. Odd weather event going on too. An occluded front is pushing both a warm and cold front across the state. With a low pressure system dragging moisture in from the big lakes to the west & north. That is also pulling moisture from the Gulf of Mexico leaving much needed rain across the south.

Yesterday in the morning I gave the Redneck Limo a good power washing in the bed. Got all the debris from hauling wood cleaned out. The clearance lights on the Bigfoot camper needed to be resealed so those got some fresh silicone.

In the afternoon Deb & I went to a nearby town to take a long walk. We almost got done before the rain hit. :o A stop by that little town's McDonald's provides sundaes to recharge our calorie count.

If the rain is going to hold off, I may get enough time to smelt down the lead that has accumulated. Hopefully we'll have fresh 3lb muffin by mid morning.

Crankin' on the Rock Chucker is the plan for the rest of the day.

Ken 10-16-2019 06:57 AM

Good morning from Waseca, 39,cloudy, 46 high. No rain yesterday and not supposed to today.
The plan is work around the house this morning, then go to Mankato and get new tires on the truck, just in case the weather clears up and I can make a road trip up north.
Hope everyone has a blessed day,

Doug Roberts 10-16-2019 07:30 AM

Good morning all. It’s 47 in Indy and we’re only gonna’ make the low 50s. No rain in the forecast. Gonna’ be another day of hovering around the tumbler and press decapping 9 mm brass. Julie’s danger-woman group meets tonight and she’ll probably be bringing home several hundred more.

Got the annual meeting to go over my prescription plan this morning. They’ll find me the best deal. Hope I don’t need to change again.

Have a good day.

lightman 10-16-2019 07:42 AM

Morning Gents! Its 53ļ and clear here headed for the mid 60's. We had a slow rain almost all day yesterday but I have not looked at the gauge to see how much we got.

I have a MS treatment after while and thats about it for today. I'll be hooked up to an IV for 6 to 8 hours. The first one of these that I had, 6 months ago, left me pretty tired afterwards. I felt great the day after, what with all the steroids they gave me! I'll take the lap top and hang out on here and another forum or two. Probably nap a little too!

Prayers offered for those in need.

You'all have a good one.

CarlP 10-16-2019 08:18 AM

48 with heavy wind and rain.
I had quite a pile of tree branches that had accumulated so I cut them up into firewood lengths and loaded them on the trailer. They ranged mostly from 3-6 inches so no splitting was required. Started the first fire of the year yesterday evening to take off the chill.
Looks like another busy day here at work and I just got news that we might have a project scheduled for Saturday. Iím hoping to spend some time at the reloading bench this evening and maybe try out the old rockchucker that I rescued from the scrapyard.
Make it a good day.

Dean in Colo. 10-16-2019 08:19 AM

morning all. 22 with just 50s for a high. Weather on 'puter says light snow over in town. Haven't looked out here yet.
Lots of things got done yesterday, checked on a oil leak for the gal that works for us, her pickup went to town to get fixed. Finished up servicing the old swather. Boss man wanted the old land plane hooked up so he can spread piles of cow poop out. He's been cleaning corrals with the dump truck. Had to pull the starter off the old IH truck with the spreader on it, aka turd hearst.
Not sure what I'll get to do today but breakfast is on the table so better get.
Have a great Happy Hump Day.

Kermit in Va. 10-16-2019 08:21 AM

Mornin boys...
Phone says its 57 here high on RUGER Mt this morning and rain.
I didn't get to sleep til after 4 this morning, dry cough that felt like I
way tring to cough up my
Me and Tucker got to go hunting yesterday evening. I shot a 7 pt. at about
25 yards looking at me with a crossbow. Thought he was about 30 and had the
scopes back focus set to shoot without my glasses...yep, had my glasses on when
he came in and I couldn't see the rings too well. Between all that, I hit him below
his right eye. He fell on the spot. First one with a crossbow and was a easy drag to
the truck. I'll send My Fish or Charlie a pic when I get out where I got enough signal.
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...


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