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orkan 09-14-2019 06:41 PM

Walther Running Target
It would seem there are a few people on this board with an affinity toward old wood and blued steel. I thought I might share one of my objects of desire. Maybe there's an expert here that can tell me more about it.

A few years ago I bought this Walther Running Target 22LR at an estate auction. Very good condition, but it was missing its barrel weights. I sure do hope to run into a set for it sometime. This is the rarest target 22lr I have ever had the opportunity to buy. It took me 7 years to purchase my Anschutz 54.18 MSR... but this Walther I could wait my entire life for and not ever find another one configured exactly as this one. The wood is in near-perfect condition, as is the metal, other than at 12 O'clock position at the end of the muzzle where the factory muzzle weights were held on by set screws.

The trigger is every bit as good as the coveted 5018 which is found in the Anschutz 54 action'd match rifles of the day. It's a 2-stage affair with very good ergo's.

orkan 09-14-2019 06:41 PM

By the way, the 6 picture per post limit on this forum is a real drag. ... especially since it includes smilies. It's 2019 not 1994. Internet is pretty quick these days. ;)

It's topped with a weaver fixed 6x with a super-fine plex with target dot, and of course an adjustable objective. It's really about the perfect setup for a silhouette style rifle such as this. I took a pic through the scope so you could see the weaver fine plex/dot. It's very fun to shoot. Turns out some tiny groups. The rifle likes lapua center X pretty well. So difficult to get a good reticle/scope picture. Obviously it looks a lot better than this in person.

I'm a bit of an optics snob, so I would like to find a period-correct Schmidt & Bender for it... but something tells me a fine plex setup with AO is going to be tough to find from those krauts.

Here are a couple 5-shot groups at 50yds

Here's an ARA practice target at 50yds:

orkan 09-14-2019 06:42 PM

I've talked to a number of people, and also looked in a number of different books while trying to discover the exact model of this rifle. Depending on who you ask or where you look, you'll see this rifle listed as a Walther Running Target model. However, if you ask someone else or look in a different book, you'll see it listed as a Moving Target or Running Boar rifle.

I have not received any reliable information pointing any particular direction, and as it is my only Walther 22lr presently... I simply refer to it as "my Walther." If there are any smallbore rimfire aficionados here which have a decisive insight into this, I'd love to see the evidence you can bring forth!

This rifle has become one of my favorite 22lr's. There's just something unique and satisfying about shooting it. I have no shortage of impressive 22lr's among my fleet of remington 40X's and Anschutz rifles... but the walther brings something special to the table.

Don't get me started about my BSA Martini International 22lr rifles and Unertl scopes. We'll be here all day. ;)

Kermit in Va. 09-15-2019 09:45 AM

WOW...that's nice.


glenn asher 09-19-2019 02:28 PM

Wow, that is stunning!

45TAJ 10-31-2019 10:08 AM

Definitely a lot of intrinsic appeal. Makes me lustful for walnut and blue steel.

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