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  1. Reloading Discussion
    I've got all the components I need to start loading for my .22-250 again, but I will be replacing my press and dies. I used to load for the same rifle when it had the original barrel about 17 years ago. I had Pac-Nor install a new barrel in 2002 and I have about 100 factory rounds through it...
  2. Reloading Discussion
    hello everyone!! I am looking for your best loads, shooting with IMR 4064 or 4350, and 55 gr. v-max. I am shooting out of a Ruger M77 22-250 with a BBL. I know what the books say, but just seeing what you find to be the best grouping round. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...
  3. Reloading Discussion
    I have just purchased a CZ 22-250 and looking for some load data best for this combination. I am wanting to shoot 55 gr Sierra SpBT. Any advise.
1-3 of 3 Results