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  1. .222 Rem Mag Nosler Brass

    Reloading Components
    230 pcs brand new Nosler .222 Remington Magnum brass and 20 pcs from same lot fired just once. Price is $75.00 plus shipping
  2. norma 6mm br brass fro sale

    Reloading Components
    norma 6mm br brass for sale NEW Norma "6mm norma br" brass for sale. i bought a bunch to keep my cost down, now need to sell what i am not going to use. 100 pcs $70 plus 6 for shipping 500 for $340 plus $16 for shipping (shipping is usps priority mail) certified funds as in usps mo or "bank...
  3. 45 acp winchester new, 200 rds brass

    Reloading Components
    Winchester brand new in original bags, 100 ea, 2 bags. One open one still sealed. These are new unprimed brass $60 for all. $6.00 shipping. [email protected]
  4. 22-250 unfired p m c brass 200 rds +

    Reloading Components
    1. I have 200 unfired brass for 22-250 . I will take $100. 2. I also have 100 unfired Brass PMC, 80 unfired Primed PMC, 20 once fired R P. IN 20PK PLASTIC J & J. $100. /Users/tjansen/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Modified/2014/22-250 PMC Brass/IMG_2235.jpg