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  1. .17 Remington and .17 Tactical

    Firearms and Optics
    I keep coming across these two, but I only see info on the 17Rem. Is there a difference in the cartridge? I see 17 Tact using Lapua brass from a 20, but besides ppl using better brass what is the actual difference in these two? Thanks in advance! Hellorian
  2. BOYDS' Limited Production Items!

    Barrels, Actions, Triggers, Stocks etc
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  3. My Boy's First Coyote At Age 11

    Dedicated Predator/Varmint Hunting
    I Would like to share some pics of my oldest son Dawson's very first coyote! after a whole winter of horseshoes and hand grenades He finally hooked it up on March 7th 2010! I called this little female in to just over 140 yards where he planted her with my Remington VTR in .308! my 6 year old son...