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  1. Ruger 77V's for sale

    Firearms For Sale
    I have the following rifles for sale. All are 98% or better condition with the exception of the 6MM (I think it got into a fight with another rifle) which has a nick on the top of the barrel. Stocks, blueing, magazine plate all are in like new good condition. All are rebated crown target...
  2. S&W M&P-15 lower with ___ upper/cal for Varmint

    Firearms and Optics
    My old man isn't happy with the accuracy of the factory upper 16"barrel. Any suggestions for uppers and calibers? I'd assume a longer barrel, 20-22" would work but I'm not sure how to make it stable enough for a long heavy barrel...
  3. Leupold Varmint Scopes

    Firearms and Optics
    I'm looking at two leupold models: new 2007 model VX3-L 6.5-20x56 Dot and a new VX3 8.5-25x50 with varmint reticle. The VXL is only $50 more but has the dot which some don't like. Questions: anyone had both? Dot vs. varmint reticle preference? The VXL also lacks the sunshade options of the...
  4. Varmint Hunting in SE

    Dedicated Predator/Varmint Hunting
    Looking to take a trip to SD next summer for prairie dog hunting. Got a group of 4 guys together for the trip. We are traveling from Atlanta, GA. From everything I have read, SD is the place to go. But, I would like to know if anyone has a recommended private hunt anywhere in the SE for...