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  1. Reloading Components
    1. I have 200 unfired brass for 22-250 . I will take $100. 2. I also have 100 unfired Brass PMC, 80 unfired Primed PMC, 20 once fired R P. IN 20PK PLASTIC J & J. $100. /Users/tjansen/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Modified/2014/22-250 PMC Brass/IMG_2235.jpg
  2. Reloading Discussion
    I have been into reloading for about 12 years and like to reload for my hunting hobbies. I like to go varmint hunting and I got my dad interested also. However, he does not have a popular varmint caliber. He just recently bought a .270 win. So I went to work. I load Barnes bullets if at all...
1-2 of 2 Results