by Rich

Replacing Bolt Nose on Savage 110-style Rifles

1. Make sure rifle is unloaded.
2. Repeat step 1.
3. Remove bolt from rifle.
4. Unscrew large screw from rear of bolt.
5. Slide off bolt handle.
6. Slide off cocking piece ( large ‘C’ shaped piece )
7. Pull cocking piece sleeve (inside bolt) to rear and lift out cocking piece pin.
8. Remove cocking piece sleeve.
9. Remove firing pin assembly. ( do not disassemble firing pin ! )
10. Push bolt nose assembly to rear while pushing out retaining pin in bolt body.
11. Remove bolt nose and replace.
12. Reassembly is in reverse order.

Note:  While disassembled to carefully inspect the cross pin through which the firing pin passes. This pin, if cracked, could fracture and allow the bolt to appear closed when in fact it isn't and upon firing the bolt could move rearward at speed causing injury to the shooter.

Reassembly notes:

1. Make sure that bolt nose retaining pin is lined up so that the firing pin will pass through the hole in the center of the pin.
2. Firing pin may have to be rotated so that cocking piece pin can be inserted.
3. Ball bearing in cocking piece lines up with corresponding groove in bolt body. Flat side of cocking piece ( large ‘C’ shaped piece ) should be towards muzzle.