WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE.... I frequently get questions about the difference between the Contender and Encore. Below is a summary of the differences.

Differences Between the Thompson/Center
Contender ---- and ---- Encore

Thompson/Center Contender (old style & "easy open" style)
  • Barrel breach diameter is 0.810 inch
  • Frame with pin weighs approximately 19.5 oz
  • Hinge pin of 0.375 inch diameter
  • Acceptable for calibers up to the 30-30 Win. *
  • Selectable firing pin for Centerfire or Rimfire
  • Adjustable trigger for weight and over travel
  • Dry Fire trigger without cocking hammer
  • Action must must be opened and closed to reset the hammer if the hammer is cocked and then released without firing.
Thompson/Center Encore
  • Barrel breach diameter is 1.000 inch
  • Frame with pin weighs approximately 24.9 oz
  • Hinge pin of 0.4375 inch diameter
  • Acceptable for calibers up to the Belted Magnums
  • Centerfire only
  • Aftermarket Rimfire breech plugs available
  • Non adjustable trigger (requires gunsmith work for 3 pound trigger or less)
  • Dry Fire not recommended
  • Hammer can be re-cocked without opening the action

The weight of the new Contender G2 frame is unknown. The new Contender G2 is reported to accept old Contender barrels and have a trigger similar to the Encore trigger.

*  The 45-70 is a factory chambering in the Contender. The Contender can be chambered for low/medium pressure large calibers and small high pressure calibers based on the .223 Rem size case.

With the "easy open" action, in some cases, just pulling back on the trigger guard will reset the hammer for cocking.

Note. The Contender and Encore barrels are not interchangeable.