Posting Pictures 101
Using Photopoint

    Provided by Pete Hauer
a.k.a PH

Print this so you can follow it for directions as you go!

To start out, I would either take digital pics or scan analog ones.
Save your pics as JPEG files. You want to use 72 dpi resolution because
that is what the Web converts them to anyway. If you save at 300 dots
per inch and the web converts it to 72, your pic will become 4X larger
than what you sent.
Go to Photopoint site and get a free web site
They make it easy to send your pics. Simply attach one or more of your JPEG files and e-mail it to them. They will send you an e-mail confirmation, give you a password (#s) and tell you how to get access to your pics.
Go to the site and log in using your e-mail and password #.
Click on the pic you wish to send.
Once you have clicked on the thumbnail pic, a larger one will appear. Now click on this large pic and you will get another large pic of it all by itself.
Now, RIGHT click on the http address for it in the address bar. This will highlight the address
Now you need to select the copy option on the scroll down list with your LEFT mouse button. This simply copied whatever was highlighted into the memory on your computer.
NOW, go to the GO GO site.
Go to the Image URL box and get rid of the "http://" that is there.
Put your flashing cursor in this box and push the RIGHT mouse button. Select paste with your LEFT mouse button and your pic address will appear!
Most guys screw up by not selecting the pic and viewing the large size to get THAT address. If you paste
the address to the thumbnail pics, it won't work in the Optional Image area of GO GO.