Custom Gun Project


Michael Donaldson (aka Doc)

I am working on this project gun. I got interested in doing one from the VHA mag. I always love to see what's been done and how to do it.  There also seems to be quit a bit of gunsmithing/custom/how to interest on the board. I have heard several people talk about guns they are building or having built. Thought it would be neat to see how they did it and what not.

I am currently building a switch barrel, bench gun, for a varmint hunting trip in June. I started with used Rem 700 ADL in 6mm Rem. Am doing the whole sha-bang. Action truing, bolt truing, pinning the recoil lug, custom stock semi inletted, pillar bedding, stock finishing, multiple barrels, Hart 308 Nato, possibly a 22BR - which is real close to Swift, with half the powder and more inherent accuracy, and a 6ppc. Below are some pictures up to the current point. The rifle, the action, and the stock. I am getting the pictures of the barrel, stock, inletting and pillar bedding (using Darrel Holland's method,), developed today.
Overall cost so far is $275 for rifle, $125 for Hart barrel, $125 for Richard's Microfit Stock, $20 in supplies-sand paper, epoxy, etc. Just a thought, kind of neat to have a project section. Let me know what you think.


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