Short Remington Inletting

     By: WD

These instructions assumes the person has a milling machine (hopefully with digital readout) and sort of knows how to use it!

Click here for CAD Drawing with measurements

Tools and materials required

a. swivel base mill vise
b. long 1/4  endmill
c. 9/16 endmill (if pillar bedding)
d. 9/32 drill (if not pillar bedding)

1. Set the stock up level and flat using a level in the action channel.
    1a I use felt double thick on each side to protect stock finish
    1b put jacks under each end on either side of the vise to prevent movement
2.  Figure out where you want your trigger to be and move over to the rear guard screw hole the required amount to make it so
3.  BORE (with an endmill) the guard screw holes
4.  Cut out the trigger opening with a long 1/4 solid carbide endmill (I prefer carbide have not tried High speed steel)
5.  Rough the magazine box like the picture in "mag box at zero"
6.  Cut the recoil lug recess to suit your lug
7.  Using a sine bar set the swivel base vise to the angle shown and re-zero on rear guard screw
8.  Cut one of the magazine box angles
9.  Move the swivel base the other angle
10.Cut the other magazine box angle

You are on your own for the bolt handle cut and bottom metal.  If you got this far you can do it hehe (I have not yet done a BDL much prefer ADL's for target and varmint rifles).  If you are not pillar bedding your stock (which would be weird but anyway) drill the guard screw holes with the 9/32 drill after boring with the 1/4 endmill.  In my stocks with my center cutting endmills no pre drilling was required, the endmill did just fine. I would use the 1/4 first then the 9/16 (for 1/2 alum. pillars). Mastering this task will save you from waiting for a stock for months.  You can now buy an off the shelf uninlet which has action and barrel channel in and in an hour or so be bedding your new varmint rifle