In this case I am installing a Jewell Trigger with safety and bolt release...

Remove the bolt from the Remington 700 action. Take the action out of the stock, and turn it upside down.

You will re-use your factory pins. The rear pin is longer than the front pin.  Study the trigger as assembled before you start so you will know how it goes back in.

Pay close attention to how the bolt stop fits in its slot and how the bolt stop spring attaches to the bolt stop and where it hooks onto the action, this is not difficult, but you need to look at this very close.

Drift the rear pin out first from the right side of the rifle (pushing it out the left side). Be careful the spring for the bolt stop does not
fly away.

When the rear pin is out the factory trigger will swing down and the sear and spring will fall out. Just swing it down slowly and you will be OK.  The bolt release and bolt release spring will also come off.

Now drift the front pin out the same way.

You will now have the following parts lying on your work bench.

A.     The factory trigger assembly

B.    One long pin and one short pin

C.    The bolt stop

D.    The bolt stop spring

To install the new trigger, just reverse your steps. The Jewell Trigger has permanent spacers so it comes in one piece so there is nothing that will fall off.

After installing the new trigger in the Remington 700 action, if your new trigger comes with a safety, you may have to remove some material from your stock so the safety lever will clear. It takes up more room than the factory safety.  I used a Dremel tool with a small cutting burr and it was real easy. Just take your time.

I had a little trouble with my bolt release not releasing, (not coming up to stop the reward motion of the bolt). I had bent the bolt release spring when I put it back in and for some reason it didn’t want to push up like it should have. So I just put in a new bolt release spring and it worked like a charm....... Just be Careful

A few notes:

When I decided to Get a Jewell Trigger, I called Jewel Triggers inc. at 512 353-2999. They set my trigger at 8 oz. just like I asked for.
I also used my wife’s Credit Card… made it real easy.

While I was waiting for the trigger, I went to the Go Go Varmint Message Board and asked for help, on how to install the new trigger.  I got the above information from “Gater”.... Brian Gaterman, via E-MAIL...

I think it is really nice to be able to help one another. Thanks Brian, I hope some day I will be able to return the favor...

“Varmint Guy”  said,” DON’T  buy a Jewell Trigger”, because after you buy a Jewell Trigger, you wont be happy until you have
one on each of your Varmint rifles. He was right, I got 2 now, and I am trying to find my wife’s credit card..... hehehe

Good Shooting to All,


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