Savage Stock /Action Assembly
Courtesy of Savage Arms

All stocks are interchangeable without fitting.  Stocks must match action type.

LE: Std. Blind magazine, Clip Type, magnum barrel, Varmint barrel and RH/LH.

Wood stocks are precision machined on CNC equipment, allowing for interchangeability with uniform bedding.

Synthetic stocks are injection molded to close tolerances resulting in precision parts.

To assemble the action and stock, place action and magazine components in position and lightly draw up the front and rear action screws.

Lightly bump the butt to seat recoil lug on the action assembly against the bearing surface in the stock.  Tighten from action screw first and then the rear.  Screws need only be secured by hand tightening with a proper size screwdriver.   There is no advantage to excessive tightening of the screws.

On rifles with Allen drive screws use the short leg of the Allen wrench as a lever to tighten both screws as described above.  Then use long leg to tighten in same sequence about 1/8th additional turn.

Generally, the best accuracy is obtained with fully floated barrels on all Model 110 rifle variations.

Provided by Alan Copeland