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WITHDRAWN from sale 01-26-2014
Had this out this morning playing with it. It is just too pristine and crisp for me to sell it.
Thanks to all who looked and asked after it.
Bought from the original owner.
He thought he'd use it but didn't and it was in storage for 40+ years until he rediscovered it.
I thought I would use it but I know it'll sit in my closet until the kids fight over it after I'm gone ( 50-60 years I hope! )
Anyway, 12X with factory box, and original Lyman literature including scope block chart for every rifle made at the time of production.
Fine wire crosshair reticle intact, screw on lens covers, rubber ocular piece.
This is the non- return to battery model ( no spring, ordered from the factory this way ) and everything works as new.

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