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Over three years ago, I took my VSSF .22-250 to a BR 'smith to be rebarreled to 6mm-250AckImp and another barrel in .22BR. Unfortunately, he had a couple of strokes which resulted in huge delays, and ultimately put him permanently out of commission. A shame, for sure.

But I just picked it up recently. Not everything got finished (missing muzzle breaks and dies - I hope nothing else!) It will be a while before I can get everything together and start shooting it.

In 6mm-250AI, I went with a 12" twist (or was it 13" - its been so long...) and plan to shoot 70 to 80 gr bullets.

I should be more excited than an eight year old with his first .22 rifle, but its been so long and I have so much more to do to get it ready ...

I do hope it is a shooter/keeper. And hope to have some (good) news by spring for ya.

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I have one...

it's a retired PPC barrel, 1-14 twist. Coincidentally, I have been corresponding with another board member about it in the last day or so. He has it's twin and may respond to this thread. You can see what he has to say on the Wildcat board.

I've used it for prairie dogs and have shot mostly 65gr Vmaxes and 70gr NBTs. Accuracy was good, but not great and I think it's because I have never found the best load for it. It's a short barrel (21") and is braked, so it is a serious PIA to anyone shooting nearby :D

It's a good round, but if I were doing it today, I'd choose the AI version.


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I shot out the barrels on two 6/250's and ......

shot a 6/250 AI about a 500 rounds. I used H-335 with the 60,65, and 70g bullets, here are the accuracy loads for the standard 6/250:

60g HP= 38.0g of h335 @ 3800-3850 fps
65g hp= 36.5-37.0g of [email protected] 3650-3700 fps
70g hp= 35.5-36.0 of H335 @ 3550-3600 fps
Strange how the powder charge corresponds to the velocity, eh?

Accuracy was in the low 3's and occasional high 2. As I said above, I shot the barrels out of two Pac Nor 28" 12 twist unturned blanks with the loads above. I shot way more of the 60's than anything else. I shot these barrels HARD AND HOT for about 4000 rounds each. The 60's at 3850 really make a mess of a p. dog at 300 yards to say the least. I can only imagine what a
65g VMax would do to a dog at those velocities.

I had a Pac Nor 12 twist made into a 6/250 AI. I was not particularly happy with this cartridge because the accuracy node using 760 as a powder was such that I had to use a 10" drop tube to get the powder in the case shooting the 70's at 3800 fps into very tiny groups. I made the decision that a 243 AI was a better choice over the 6/250 AI. I don't think that I gave the cartridge a fair shake, but I was in love with many 243 AI's that I had at the time. I tried several other stick powders but the velocity was poor at the accuracy node.

I do believe that a 6/250 gives you a great improvement in velocity over the standard 6 BR when it comes to bullet weights of 70g and up. The 6/250 has no problems feeding from a magazine. If you were sizing up your dog shooting rifles, then a 223, 6/250, then 243 AI would be a perfect combo for short to long range shooting in my opinion, but I have yet to try any of the

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6 X 22-250

Who has one of these? 22-250 necked up to 6mm. Maybe an AI version? Bullet weights, twist rate?
Yes sir yes sir! I have one of these: Kimber action, Shilen barrel 14 twist 27"
Anywhere from a 55gr. nosler, 58gr. V-max and 65gr. v-max. the 65gr. V-max is the best, 39.7gr. VV 150 and after a buddy of mine (Darrell) gave me info Trigger adj. > from this web site. It shot a .112 group. I think it is great!
Jack:D Merry Christmas

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6mm22-250 or 6-250

I shoot the 6mm22-250 or just 6-250.

So far this year, I've shot three coyotes with my 6-250 from
175 yards to 360 yards.

I’ve had my 6-250 since last October 2002. I shoot 65 gr VMAX as fast
as I shoot 55 gr in the 22-250, that makes it flatter shooting.
I have found that the 65 gr V max are flatter shooting (300+ yds)
than the 58 gr V max because of the 65 gr have a higher BC.
This is important to me, I've miss judge the distant to a coyote, fox or
prairie dog and shot under them.

Precision Shooting Magazine has good articles on
the 6mm22-250 in (Oct. 2001) and (Sept. 2003) issues.

Redding refers to the 6-250 as 6mm22-250 and has 28 degree
shoulders like the 22-250.
Part number 80516 2 Dies set Full Length resizer and seater
It’s now a standard order item.
Redding phone number is 607-753-3331
The Redding die will resize the 22-250 to 6mm easy, no fire forming.
I just put a little oil on a Q tip and apply the oil to the inside of the case.
So far I’ve resized over 700 cases and have not lost a case.

Hodgdon web site has load data for the 6mm22-250 or 6-250.

My pet loads are:
65 gr V max with 37.0 gr of H4895 at 3755 fps, my favorite load.
70 gr TNT or Blitzking with 36.7 gr of H4895 at 3560 fps
75 gr V max with 35.0 gr of H4895 or
75 gr HP with 35.5 gr of Varget

all loads use Winchester WLR primers and Winchester Brass.
Adjust seating depth for best accuracy.

I've tried the 55, 58, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80 gr bullets.
My favorite 6mm22-250 varmint load is a
65 gr VMAX with 37.0 gr of H4895 at 3750 fps
out of a 26 inch, 12.5 inch twist Douglas barrel.

The 6-250 this feeds out of a magazine just fine just in case you
need that back up shot.

I have a second heavy barrel (8 inch twist) 6-250, shooting 107 gr Sierra
for long ranges.


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but I have yet to try any of the

Hmmm Keith, do I detect a "softening" toward the 20? I still think I "need" one......yeah right. I need one, need the time and need the energy. It seems like I am running out lately.

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It's a good cartridge. I have 2 of them, one with a straight 28" heavy K&P barrel, the other a 25" Rem. varmint contour Schneider. Both are 12" twist.
The chamber has NO freebore and a .270" neck. Brass for one gun uses PMC 22-250 necked up and very lightly turned. The other uses WW .250Savage necked down and turned. Both work fine. Doing it over, I'd use whatever neck dia. it took for WW 22-250 brass with no turning.

A 6mm 55gr ballistic tip has the same BC as a .22/55BT, and the 6-250 shoots them a lot faster. It does nasty things to a rockchuck and will throw bits of prairie dog all over the place. I wouldn't go any heavier than about 70gr. with this cartridge and 55-65gr. is perfect. A target shooter friend chambered his gun with my reamer and shot 107's at 3200+ out of a 30" barrel.....primer pockets only lasted 1 firing and he backed down a few hundred fps. This is a good varmint cartridge with lighter bullets and could easily replace the 22-250.

My loads:
38.0/844 - 55Bal. tip - WW case
37.5/760 - 70TNT - PMC case
41.1/760 - 65 KeithCandler BTHP - PMC case
I don't have chronograph numbers for these loads

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but I have yet to try any of the

Hmmm Keith, do I detect a "softening" toward the 20? I still think I "need" one......yeah right. I need one, need the time and need the energy. It seems like I am running out lately.
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