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22CaliberCartridge Drawings and Specifications

Click on the autocad drawing of the cartridgeto view the dimensions.

Various sources of information were used to generate these drawings.Please email me ( WD ) withany corrections.

Cartridge Drawings Index

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22ppc.jpg 22 PPC
Drawing requested by Derek (Fox240)....

22dasher.jpg This cartridge is explained in great detail in Precision Shootingmagazine Feb. 99, Basically it is blown out and improved 22 BR, case capacityis said to be 40.5 grains of water as compared to 22-250 at 45.0 grainsof water and the 6br at 36.5 grains of water..this cartridge is purportedto exceed
the 22-250 in velocity 50 grain nosler BT at 4040 fps...this in a 27"bbl
222rem.jpg This Cartridge once ruled the benchrest line and is still a
fine choice for varminting in areas where a quieter round is desired
222ai.jpg Why a 222 ackly??..Why not..?'s not any more silly
that a 223 ackly (hehe) and may fill the age old mystical
role of a cartridge that makes MORE velocity with LESS
powder than larger rounds well as reducing case
stretch and bolt thrust to a minimum
22-250andai.jpg Here is 22-250 right next to 22-250AI...I did not draw the extractorgrooves because it is much easier not to, so do not think the whole cartridgeis not there or some such...the important (to us) details are there.
22-250mintaper.jpg This is a 22-250 with shoulder angle unchanged but body taper reducedto .01 per side...this would be an interesting experiment because if onewas very carefull a factory rifle could be re-chambered without settingthe barrel back.

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