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22 Hornet

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Any experience out there on Hornady 35 gr V max and Lil' Gun?
My books start Lil'Gun at 40 gr and go up.
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Hodgdon site says 12gr starting load 13gr max for a 35gr bullet.
That I would Like to see !!

You trying to get 40 grs of anything into a Hornet case !! The Boom you would get trying to hammer might just launch the hammer and punch you would have to use would set a new NASA launch record. The other poster has given you the right loads for a Hornet. Please use them !!

Rick ( putting on his flack jacket and helmet )
I meant 40 grain bullets.
You would be surprised how much powder you can stuff in a little case. If you use the lab equipment for vibrating test tubes! Probably would not ignite..but!!

Longcarbine is spot on, but you need to be aware that REM brass is much thinner than WIN brass and will hold about a grain more powder. Guys over on Saubier post their loads with LilGun and 40 grain bullets. Some report using 13.4 gr powder in Rem brass. I can BARELY get 12.8 gr of that into a Win case.

Good thing is, I don't think you can get enough LilGun in a 22 Hornet case to do damage. (but in 17 hornet you CAN :rolleyes:) I'd start about 12.5 gr, work up in ONE TENTH grain increments (0.10) and go until your case is full but you have enough room to not fully compress it. My sweet spot is 12.6-12-8 gr. with any 33-35-40 gr bullet.

Oh, and a LEE factory crimp may/may not help.
Charlie, that is what I was looking for. The factory Hornady 35 grain loads shoot very well and I want to try and duplicate that load. I am about to buy a chrono and am looking atthe magneto or lab radar. Magneto will probably wind out because of $$. One of the club members has a labradar I can poach for a few minutes for comparison

I use 13.2 lil gun and various 40 grain bullets, in Win brass
I tried 35 gr. V-max and Calhoon's 37 gr. in my Ruger VBZ tomato stake. Groups were not nearly as good as with the 40 gr. V-max. Those I managed to get on average 5/8 - 3/4 @ 100 yd.

Probably just my shooting ability. :)
If you have any wind at all, the 35gr Vmax is not the bullet of choice for the 22 Hornet. The 40gr VMAX or NBT are much better and very accurate. The brass capacity does vary a lot between manufacturers, so don't mix brass types, and segregate the brass by load or rifle. I have four 22 Hornets, and it does matter, and I segregate my brass (W-W) by rifle. I tried Lil'Gun and found a lot of erratic results and high SD's, especially in very cold weather, so I don't use it anymore. After first firing, just neck size after then and enjoy the Hornet.
Thanks all. I think I have what I need to dial this one in. I have sorted brass by maker and water capacity.
I have found Lil Gun and a 40 grain Nosler BT to be the best combination for accuracy and effect in my Ruger #3 22 Hornet. And I use Remington cases for the extra capacity.

The rifle seems to have an oversized chamber and very long throat so I neck size only with a Lee collet die using a modified shell holder. I added a spacer to the shell holder so the die sizes a shorter length of the neck. I am able to get close to 14 grains of Lil Gun in fired, resized cases. Because of the long throat, the bullet is seated way out there, 1.940 OAL.

Before Lil Gun, any groups close to an 1 inch at 100 yard were rare. Now it shoots well under an inch with the Lil Gun/Nosler load and the velocity is right at 3,000 fps.

200 yard hits on P-dogs are easy and while not as spectacular as higher velocity rounds, it leaves no doubts about how this load being very effective. Lil Gun has made my Hornet my favorite P-dog gun.

An added plus for Lil Gun, it is my go to powder for suppressed 300 Blackout loads.
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My first hunt with the 527 afforded a 185 yard (lazered) shot on a medium sized chuck. The wind was full 10 to 15 from 90* right. The field had been recently mowed. the critter switched from laying down to standing. I choose a lying down shot because of the wind. I held the cross hairs on his backside and stuck it in his ear. It was a classic "whop" and the tail offered the surrender flag. That was with factory Hornady Vmax 35 grain. I rotate my 527's but the Hornet is getting to be a favorite. The latest 221 Fireball has not been out of the box yet.
Might as well add my 2 cents.

Yes, I’m still alive.
I have a number of Hornets and have extensive experience with each and all.
My pet load consists of Small Pistol primers.
13.3 grains of Lil Gun, possible by use of a drop tube.
Either 35, 40, or 50 grain V-Max, depending on the rifle.
A moderate crimp from a Lee Factory Crimp die is a separate step.
I’ve gotten an honest to goodness 2,929 FPS for a 10 shot avg with the 40 gr. pills.
In case anyone is interested, Browning Micro Hunter likes 35 grain, Ruger, as well as CZ, NEF, and Springfield Armory, like the 40 grain pills, and the Savage Mod 40 loves the 50 gr bullets.
BTW, just saw my first groundhog of the year here in So/Cent PA. 2/6/2019
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WCC, up to to today, the 'chucks would need a tow truck to get out of their holes. It will be a while before they are out looking for love. I let the pups get weened before I hunt. Unless the farmer wants his population decimated, the nit is game on at the first sign.The Swift is tuned up and gassed and ready for the early ones.
Like WCC I have a double arm load of Hornets. The most used would be the Ruger #1 and the CZ with set triggers. I'm loading H110 and well over max so I won't say the load. Pressure in both guns is not a problem. Remington brass and SMALL PISTOL PRIMERS are the ticket. Especially the small pistol primers. I couldn't get the tiny cloverleafs at 100yds until I went to the small pistol primers. If you want to try the small pistol primers with your current load, I'd bet you'll see groups shrink.....unless the groups are are already one hole. Kinda fun to show up at a shoot with a Hornet and then let people laugh. They don't laugh after the gun goes off. The Ruger is my 200 meter balloon bust gun.Like WCC I'm loading the 40gr bullets.
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