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.223 62 grain plinking loads (powder)

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I got a deal on almost 2000 62 grain FMJ bullets and wanted some opinions on powder. These will be loaded on my progressive press so the powder needs to meter well, and since they will be plinking loads, cheap is always good. I haven't loaded .223 in many years.

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Got two loads for you. I too came across a deal on Sierra made 62gr FMJ bullets a few years back. The bullets seems to think they are as good as a match grade bullet. Wish I had bought a lot more of them. Load one is 27.0 grs of Varget, LC77 brass, Federal 205M primers, OAL 2.255. Group size 1/4"@100 meters. I show velocity at 3150'ps. Load two is 23.7 grs 2230C. The above numbers for this load as well with velocity at 3100'ps. Groups size 1/2"@ 100 meters. Rifle is a match prepared DPMS AR15 with a 1:8" stainless heavy 22" barrel, 2.5lb trigger, Burris 4.5-14 scope.
I haven't used any of these out of the Remington Varminter so have no clue about what they'll do out of a bolt gun but considering the twist is the same, I'll assume they'll shoot at least reasonably. Best of luck with them.
Lots of powders in that burn rate. I like AA2230, W748, H335, and many more. Are the 62gr bullets the steel penetrator type, like for the M855 ammo? Pick a load from the Hodgden website and crank away. Had to chuckle when I read your post. I use 55gr FMJ bullets for my blasting AR ammo, as a buddy and I split a case of 8000 years ago.
Thank you all. They are not penetrator type bullets
I got them thru a friend when I told him I was looking for the cheapest bullet for plinking. My idea is to have cheap blasting Ammo for Janet and I ( mainly Janet) to practice off-hand, sitting and other "Hunting type" shooting positions at 100-200 yards. Janet has shot very few shots offhand past 50 yards. Likely on steel when we can.
Before I posted this post, I bought a pound of CFE-223, Ramshot TAC, and have 335, and Benchmark (that I had earmarked to try in 6.8) But I want to narrow it down to one powder and just maintain that in stock. I keep my go-to powders on one side of my powder cabinet and experimental powders on the other (as well as buying go-to powders in bulk).

H335 (or WC844 if you can find it) will work great for your bulk loading. It will flow through the powder measure like water. My 223 plinking loads are a mid range charge of H335 with a 55 grain fmj. Not a speed demon but accurate and reliable in my AR15's.

H335 is also readily available and relatively inexpensive compared to some of the other popular powders. I use it a lot and it works in many different cartridges.
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