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Dose anyone have a load for 223ai 1in 9 Win brass 4198 40gr bullet primer is Fed br,I know IMI is better brass but I cant find any. Thanks in advance
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I would start at 23.0g and go up one shot for every .5g loaded...

using a thick primer cup like a 7 1/2 or cci450(br-4).

For instance, load one shot and one shot only looking for pressure signs......
etc until you determine what is a max load for your gun, accuracy will be within 2.0g of max.

You should get some screaming velocities out of 4198 with the 40's.
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In my .223AI, which is a 1:12 twist, the accuracy load with 40's is 24.4 grains of IMR4198. I use IMI brass, Rem. 7 1/2 primers, and that load is right at 3,900fps. Max is 4050, but i don't get the accuracy at that velocity.
My .223AI likes 40-gr. Vmax with 27.8 of Benchmark.
I spend Sunday working on my 223AI. I discovered that mine likes H335 with 50 grain bullets. However, it does NOT like H335 with 40 grain bullets. H322 seemed to work much better with the 40 grain Vmax.
Try Brassman for some IMI 223. He fixed me up last Dec (that sounds like a long time ago!)
I shoot 30+ gr H335 with the 40 VMax and 28+ gr of Benchmark with the 50 VMax
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