I'm selling this upper in order to make room for other things to be put into the safe! This upper can be your's just in time for the holidays!

I built this upper with the intent of using it as a deer rifle. The upper shoots really well with the factory Sharps ammo. With the reloading dies (unused) I am positive you can take this from a 1 MOA upper to sub MOA. I did not cheap out on any of the parts. This upper does NOT come with a bolt carrier group nor a charging handle.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Caliber: .25-45 Sharps
Aero Precision AR15 upper (No forward assist) $95
Aero Precision 12” Quantum M-Lock free float hand guard $125
Aero Precision barrel nut $40
Seekens Precision low profile adjustable gas block $50
DSG rifle length gas tube $10.50
MDT Elite muzzle break $130
.25-45 Sharps heavy match barrel (416r; 1:10” twist; threaded 5/8”x24tpi) $250
Upper weight: 4.6#
RCBS Dies 25-45 Sharps $85

Over $785 invested in build.

If you are interested, the price is negotiable to a certain point ;) You don't have to buy it through Gunbroker, we can work it out via phone call/email.