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Now there are times when a man should not be left alone waiting for things to be done as was the case yesterday when I had to take 1 of our work trucks to another city about a hour away for a wheel alignment and 2 new steer tyres.

I dropped the truck off to the alignment place and old mate asked me if I wanted to be dropped somewhere as it was going to take a few hours to get the truck done so I asked if I could be dropped in town which is about 5 klms away as this place was in an industrial estate on the edge of town.

He drops me outside a gunshop that I frequent at times when another mate and I visit to get ammo and reloading gear.
My local gunshop in the major city about 30klms away is 1 of those hit and miss shops that defies logic on how it's still operating in regards to having gear on site to sell BUT it's still in operation after 15+ years.

Anyway I walked into the shop and was pricing up reloading stuff like projectiles, powder, primers and.22 magnum ammo bricks when I walked across the room towards the gun racks.
Now this is where a man should not be left alone with a credit card at any time in regards to looing at new toys. I stared at the AI .50 cal sitting up on a shelf by itself looking at it shamelessly knowing I couldn't afford it but thinking of the 1000yd pig busting capabilities and paddock pizza it could create.:(

Anyway I returned my gaze to the rifle rack and in the past I nave secretly yearned for a 45/70 because it's got the ability to launch a howitzer round onto unsuspecting enemy pigs/goats/rabbits/foxes/mice.:D

There is a Marlin 1895 sitting there with 18" barrel new and old mate pulled it out of the rack and let me fondle it. It threw up to the shoulder very well although a tad heavy up front.

I kept looking at it and started asking all the pertinent questions like availability of ammo,reloading dies etc and at a rough guess around $1800 will see me walk out with this weapon of mass entertainment.
I resisted the urge to pull the plastic out as I have some bills coming in but in the next few months I'll be getting part of Mum's estate so before the Minister For War,Finance and Nagging starts to delegate what the money will be put away to I'm going to get my 5c worth.
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I had one. If you are familiar bolt guns, the Marlin 1895 is reasonably light and their stocks have a lot of drop in it's shape. The recoil rotates up quickly and it will hit you pretty hard (sharp recoil) in the cheek and face with even modest loads. Heavy loads are pretty brutal IMO. Just be forewarned.
Marlin 45-70

I have one of those and load cast for it,But the powder charge get it moving to about 1800 FPS. I am NOT a big guy and I don't find the recoil bad at all. I shot a white Tail deer in the neck at 70 yards, and it dropped right there, The Boom from the rifle let me hear it Plop on the ground. When I got off the stand I found the deer had 2/3 vertebra launched down thru the woods. I don't know if you have ever dragged a deer in that condition. It was like dragging an accordion thru the woods. Yep the over 1 century old gun and cartage will do the job. BTW to hit an iron Buffalo at 1000 meters the hold over is 40 ft !! (Yep I hit it 2 out of 3 shots with iron peep sights.)

I should add some into to that from RickB. I didn't care for the 1895 Marlin, but did like the 45-70. I stumbled into trading off the 1895, into a Ruger M77 tang safety in 458 Win Mag. Loading the 458 Win Mag with 400gr cast lead and around Springfield Trapdoor loads in 45-70, it was very pleasant to shoot. The stock shape and weight made all the difference in the world. A couple of years later, I ran into one of the Browning BPCR 1885 rifles in 45-70, and it is great to shoot.

I have an 1885 Uberti that I used for Black Powder shoots. That's the one I used for the 1000 meter shots. It has a ladder sight on it that allows for Long range adjustments. The guy that ran the range in Texas was ex-Army sniper and former Boarder Patrolman. When I shot the first shot at the Buff, he said "That was Blind azzed luck. On the second shot I didn't get the ladder to full upright position. and I missed low. The 3rd shot,the ladder, back in place made the 2nd hit. Everybody on the line got quiet and I put the gun away, at that point.
All the shots were taken with my BP load of a compressed charge of 2F and a 348 gr cast bullet. A trick I learned at BP shoots was to carry a pickle jar and water in it. If you swab your bore with Murphy's oil soap and a a good dose of it to the water in the jar, drop your fired cases in the jar. Makes cleanup easy and the oil soap dose a great job on keeping the rust out of your bore.

Good Shooting.

Rick B.
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