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I still have a box of the original Rem ammo in the cabinet. It has a price tag of $3.49. Sometimes I long for the old days.
Yeah George, I agree, but $3.49 was a lot in that day also. I have a couple of boxes of 32-40 Winchester Super Speed Silver tips marked for a $1.75. That was an hours worth of wages then.
Yup, Super-X 22 Shorts were 49c and 22lr were 72c per box, back in the mid 1950's.
TinMan, I can remember buying 22's for that price in a local hardware store. I also have a box of 32 Remington in the cabinet for my Dad's Rem. Mod 14 that I paid $3.70 for at the same hardware.
Exactly right, hardware stores prices. I have a box of Remington Bronze points in 30-06 that I picked up in a trade somewhere with a price tag of $3.XX, but I would have to dig it out the back of the ammo stash to find the exact price. The best deal I ever got on newer CF ammo was when a local Walmart a few years ago closed out some ammo that didn't move. Got three boxes of Remington 7mm-08 SP for $5 each.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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