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6mm BR

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Gentlemen this all new to me barrel is 14 twist so any ideas on powder and loads.
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Gentlemen this all new to me barrel is 14 twist so any ideas on powder and loads.
65 -70gr bullet, best would be a custom match 68gr. N-135, maybe 31.5grs or Varget. Don't recall how many grs just now, but you can probably figure that one out. If you are looking for varmint loads, 55-70gr Nosler or Hornady.

There's a website just for you. The linky is at the bottom of this post. The .261x 47 Dietz TNT sleeved Remington action with a 16" full bull stainless barrel I had shot the 75 gr bullets the best with a 1:14" twist. Water capacity is slightly less than the 6 BR. The rifle liked IMR4895 with BL-C2 the next best. Depending on the day, one hole groups were the norm at 100yds. Today, that's a chip shot at best. Accuracy of todays powders and bullets will make shooting at 5-600yds a pleasure. You'll probably find that the 80gr bullets are peak for the twist and Varget your best place to start. Any questions you have about it, ask here:
Mine is a Hammond built, sleeved Rem 700 with a 26", .920 diameter @ the muzzle, Hart SS 14 twist bbl.

This gun is not fussy about shooting most of the powders listed (above), tho BLC2 was not one I tried.

That said, it all came together when I switched to N135 under the 65gn blts, either V-max or Nosler BTs. Targets on record show it will shoot one hole 5-shot groups at 200 meters. (Tight neck chamber, Laupa cases, all necks turned to -.002" of chamber neck dimensions, all bullets weighed/sorted and coated with tungsten disulfide, aka "Danzac").
6 br

I load a similar cartridge, 6 ppc, and have good success with 65/70 grain bullets and Benchmark powder.
There is a recent post covering this on Accurateshooter with , as here, some very seasoned, tried loads by solid shooters. In the Reloading Discussion.
Thanks guys for all the feedback this is the first time i have played with such a slow twist in 6mm(my other 6mm are 8 and 10 twist) been playing with bullets from 58-75 and Varget and H322 but gun not wanting to go under .7 at 100yd.
Using the 75gr bullet, have you tried 30.5grs of Varget or 27.0grs of H322? You're looking to start your loads at 2700'ps.
It is interesting that no mention of primer choice has been mentioned. I would include 3 or more flavors with the powder roster.
Interesting that primers haven't been mentioned.
I would certainly introduce 3 or more flavors to the mix.
70gr sierra w/31.5 VV135 and BR 4 primer

68 gr Hillbilly bullet w/31.5 of XBR8208 w/BR 4 primer
68 gr Hillbilly bellet w/29.1 of LT32 w/Br 4 Primer
The last 2 loads could be mixed in the box and you would
not know the difference in my rifle. Point of impact is
identical. LDS
This is my 6PPC, 14" twist, shooting a 68 gn Berger over N133 powder, Lapua case and Fed 205M primer AT 200 meters.

Same evening I printed a group only slightly bigger with my 6BR. I tried N133, but it just wasn't "quite right".

But, I heard "Big George" say that N135 was the ticket for the 6BR, and ol' George was spot on (again)! (I misplaced the target, but if it turns up, I'll post it. It too was at 200m = a one hole, 3-shot group.


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Paul looks like i need to pick up some N133 very nice group.
Paul looks like i need to pick up some N133 very nice group.
Many BR guys favor N133 for 6PPC, but N135 in my Hart bbl'ed 6BR printed nearly as well on that same night as I shot that 6PPC group.
This may be relegated to those with great ability but it seems the N133 shooters speak of temp sensitivity being a factor.

Me? I am THE factor. I sold my last 6 lbs at Jackie's some 5-6 yrs ago.
I may try some N140-50 in an XC should I find some at less than Jesse James prices. We are getting 3350 iirc (107 Sierra) w our Long Neck 6XC but brass is only lasting 5 firings at that velocity.
Just a fwiw to sift through to align with your end game. 🙂
After reading all the posts to this thread about various powders and bullet combinations, I'm going to go out on a limb and make an observation. I'm willing to bet you aren't using wind flags and probably no wind indicator of any kind. Before you say you only shoot when there is no wind, I counter. There is ALWAYS wind and unless/until you use flags you will most likely never get consistent results in the area where you want them. It is virtually impossible to consistently shoot under 1/2 MOA without some kind of wind flag. I have seven benchrest rifles and all will shoot .1 & .2 groups at 100 yards. But without wind flags I could not consistently shoot under 1/2".

Just sayin.....
BTW- N 135 & LT 32 will both do what you want. Primers aren't important as long as you don't mix them.
√√√√ Re Windflags. Without them, a shooter is just a component consumer.
Yes we use wind flags and i have a 6mm dasher that shoots in low .2 and even a cat bird that shoots in the mid .3 so its not my old shaking hands;)
Yes we use wind flags and i have a 6mm dasher that shoots in low .2 and even a cat bird that shoots in the mid .3 so its not my old shaking hands;)
Outstanding!!!! I'm am very pleased to be wrong!! Try LT 32 or N 135 with a 68gr match bullet. I think you will get what you want. :)

Gentlemen thanks for all the help just got out this morning shot a .211 with 70gr sierra MK HPBT with 32gr V135 and cci br primer at 100yd and at 200yd .376 5 shoot group(I will keep tinkering).Thanks again-Craig
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