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700VLS 223 in Classifieds

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Open to trades especially if we can do a face to face in the Central Ohio area, looking for a 243/6MM HB or a 700 Classic in a varmint caliber. Thanks and Happy New Year
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Not intended to gloat, but I just finalized a transaction on a 92ish (by barrel code) Rem Varmint 22 Swift out of Denton, OH last week. Guy popped up on the old board and asked about ffl transfers/internet sales. He has/had? a 222 sako and something else also for sale. HC, I have his email still if you are interested.

For others I have the 700 VLS in .223 and absolutly have no regrets with this purchase. Great gun with a nice price too. I just don't need to buy another gun at the moment, even if I know it's a great deal.
Well if I can sell or trade it I will be happy, and if I hold onto it for years to come I will be happy with that as well:)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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