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Us 17 caliber shooters a losing a lot of bullet selection.

Don't mean to high jack. I see my question was answered on another post. Thanks See Below.....

Just wanted to drop a line letting you know that several 17 cal Bergers have been discontinued. The 17 cal bullets that will be available on a regular basis are as follows:

17 cal 20 gr Varmint
17 cal 25 gr Match
17 cal 25 gr Varmint
17 cal 30 gr Varmint

The bullets listed above sell in good to exceptional quantities. All the other 17 cal bullets were very slow coming off the shelf. We had several of the discontinued bullets in our inventory (still have some 15 gr Varmint) for many months until word of our discounted price for the discontinued bullets hit this forum. All discontinued bullets (except the 15 gr as of now) were purchased quickly.

Eric Stecker
Berger Bullets
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