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is better than a lot of nothing. Or so they say. Went out this morning as temps were in the teens with a lot of frost and fog in the area. First stand missed one at 150 yards. Not the way to start the day off. After a couple of dry stands i found myself at spot that has produced in the past. 12 minutes into the stand using the AP-6, i see a flash in front of me and get my gun up. A few seconds later a nice female appears in the clearing in the middle of the pic.

At 20 yards the 30 gold hit the coyote and down she went. She was nicely furred and the only blood was a drop at the entrance.

Made a few more stands with no takers and it was time to head home. Would have liked a few more but i'll take what i can get. Brian
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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