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A prairie dog expedition

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A friend and I headed out to the Red Desert country of Wyoming today to hunt some prairie dogs. Friend had never been out there before so he was impressed with the wide open spaces and the little group of 11 nice bull elk we encountered, along with the wild horses.
Prairie dogs were pretty thin this year, many many dead holes in places where they should have been thick. Dont know if it's another attack of the plague or the drought that's killed them off.
We did get some shooting, about 50 each so not a wasted day, around a hundred miles or so of dirt road and two-track. I shot my CZ527 .22 Hornet, he shot a Winchester Model 64 in .219 Zipper with a receiver sight and bead front. He zippered quite a few, anything within about 125 yards was meat in the pan.:D
All in all, a good way for two geezers to spend a summer morning, hope to go again before the snowballs fly.
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Sounds like a really, nice day. We have plague up here and very dry conditions. we don't dare drive thru tall grass until we get moisture. I am planning a combo Elk scout/PD shoot with a nephew when conditions improve.
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