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I ordered my ACE Stock last Thursday at 1:30 pm my time and recieved it today at 10:00 am throught the U S Mail. That is pretty good time from Calif. to W V . I'm proud of the folks in the mail delivery system.
I certainly was not disappointed with the stock either. Very well made, very clear instructions for assembly to the lower. I believe a cave man could have done it.
Now, the search will be on for a flat top upper, 16 inch bbl. with M-4 profile and a railed gas block. It will need to be a DPMS to match the lower. Then there will be a need for some type of glass. Does it ever end? The woman said she was tired of opening the door and seeing the UPS man with a box under his arm so I started using the US Mail and making a point to be home when the mail runs. Knowing that credit card statement is on it's way makes me real nervous. It may be yes mam, no mam for a couple of weeks.
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