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Almost like the "Good Old Days"

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I ordered 1600 of these Federal Long Rifle HPs yesterday. After rebate; that's 2.2 cents per round. Good plinking ammo. I used it for pretty much everything before I discovered WW Power Points.
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I received the Federal 22s. Good service. I was pleased that they were in 32 boxes of 50, rather than bulk packed. They actually don't look like any Federals I've seen.

Instead they look exactly like a 36 grain CCI HP.
That is interesting, I wonder if it something new? Do they have the Federal head stamp?
George, they ARE headstamped F, but the lead is a dead ringer for a 36 grain CCI HP --- right down to the way the bullet is manufactured --- except for a slight difference in one of the indentations around the bullet.

They come in a plain white paper box with black Federal markings with a (CCI-like) plastic insert.

The box is marked "Not for individual resale" and "made in the USA" with no mention of FPS. This package is not listed on the Federal website.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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