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When he arrives he’s greeted by a sub-demon who says, “Come with me, I’ll show you around. Everything here is designed for the individual. As an avid long range shooter, this is your range. As you can see by the range chart it extends to infinity, but you can set targets of any size or type at any distance you wish, and remote viewing of the targets. You can also set any environmental conditions you want: The top of Kilimanjaro in Antarctica with a 22 to 43 mile per hour wind at 5:35? Use these controls right here. You can order up any type of rifle with any precision level as well: 416 Rigby with no less than 1/4 MOA precision? Here it is in the locker. And of course, any type of terrain to shoot from or over.”

“Wow? This is not what I expected. What kind of ammunition is available?”

“Ammunition? There is none. That’s the Hell of it.”

shamelessly stolen from another forum....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts