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Anthony L got himself a bobcat this evening

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Pic in predator section. Killed it about 400yds. Hope he gets on and tells about it.

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My first cat.

Thanks kermit for posting pic for me. I was watching some road killed deer I put out a few days eariler for yotes when I saw the cat at the edge of a pond. After the shot it layed still for a few seconds then I saw it drading its self by the front paws. Well after 3 more rounds went down range I though I had just lost my kitty. It was now dark, so when I found it in some thick ceaders I questioned myself is it dead? I got a LONG stick ant poked at it. When I did it came up on its front legs and hissed, so back to the truck for the 10/22 and that was that (for the cat).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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