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Anybody like shooting pistol?

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Don't think I ever saw the subject come up here. I've always had pistols but in the last year or so a real hunger for more pistols. I hunted with a 30-30 Super 14 Contender for decades. Puts a 350lb hog down fairly quick. I use the 147gr FMJ bullet which you'd think would be nothing more than a pass thru on a hog. But the bullet tumbles on impact. I assume it has something to do with the bullet dimensions and velocity. About 6 months ago I bought a Remington R1 Hunter in 10mm. That's a 6" long Slide 1911. It shoots 1" groups if you can at 25yds with 180gr bullets at 1250'ps. I haven't gotten it to the ranch yet to hunt with it but it's a dandy. I always heard the 10mm is hard on the hand. Not so, or at least with mine it's a little more than a heavy 9mm load. I'm sure the weight has a lot to do with that. I don't think I'd want a 10mm on a compact frame. About the only issues I've had with it is the pistol throws brass almost as far as it does bullets. It'll throw brass 20-25 yds easily. I've removed the 18 lb hammer spring, put in a 25lb. Swapped the recoil spring for the heaviest Wolff makes. Replaced the firing pin stop with a square bottom one. Installed a Wilson recoil buffer. The gun doesn't seem as violent as it was but still throws brass 20-25 yds. I can only imagine what it would do with full house loads under a 200gr bullet. Guess I'd have to have NASA find my brass. With all of the changes, I doubt a woman can rack the slide. It's pretty heavy now. LOVE the long slides and I'm considering another one. Kimber makes a long slide in 10mm. Might get one of those or if I can come across a Fusion long slide. The added difference of the 1" longer barrel is a lot. They're making 7" long slides now but I'll wait on one of those. Let others be the test dummy until they get the bugs worked out.I guess I got all of this want from buying an AMT 30 automag III which is the 30 carbine with a 7" barrel, probably 30 years ago or more. Shooting a 6" plate at 100 yds is a no brainer with it.
So, anybody else pistol nutz or am I the only one with the disease?
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Love to shoot'em but just don't take the time anymore.
We get out ever now and then and burn some powder
just to hear noise. Both boys are pretty good shots with
a pistol and the wife use to like it but she aint shot much
with us the last few years.


We shoot pistols pretty regular but that's primarily because there are no rifle ranges within an hour and a half. Yeah, we could shoot rifles at the indoor range but it's 25 yards max. We are not target shooters or at least I'm not. I practice "social work" pistol shooting. Seldom beyond 10 yards and usually closer. Lotsa' double taps. I figure two in the boiler room will resolve a majority of the issues for which I carry a gun. Julie and I both carry a Glock 43 (single stack 9mm) every day. Now and then, I'll carry my Glock 23 which is twice as many rounds. The 23 is a .40 but I have converted it to 9mm and it is very pleasant to shoot. The conversion is simple. Swap barrels, extractors, recoil springs, and magazines and viola, your .40 is a 9. Which also happens to be a caliber I reload. Our every day carry load is Hornady Critical Defense. Hornady claims the load is intended for shorter barrel guns like the 43. I drank that kool-aid........and liked it.
Yup, I like pistols, but haven't shot one for a few months due to some health issues, including a knee replacement. I need to get back at it soon. When I was still working, four of us used to go shooting and afterward we would go someplace to shoot darts and have a brew. Later on a couple of years, when we were all members in a club, in the summer we would shoot semiautos and in the winter we would shoot revolvers outside so we didn't have to chase brass if there was snow. I usually shoot 22lr, 38, 357, 9mm and 45ACP or 45 Colt, depending on mood. One of my buddies is both Distinguish Pistol and Presidents 100 shooter. He is also a big bore fan. I have shot his 454 Casull and 475 Linebaugh, but they are not fun for me.

Trapper6L, another fun 30cal might be a CZ52 (7.62x25). It is an ugly pistol, but fast and loud if that floats your boat. But I got because that was the only firearm I would ever own that would have a roller locked action.
I shoot pistol the most. Fits in the back yard the best. Up to 75 yard steel targets. Mostly 9mm and 40 cal. Just got my cc so need lots of practice with m& p shields.

Otherwise: newest "pistol" is in 300 blackout. Hope to hunt deer this fall with it. I'm a little nervous cause our area is shotgun slug only. Pistol is legal, but not as popular. Hope to not have a disagreement with dnr.
Bolt Action Pistols

I've got a 'soft spot' for bolt action pistols such the XP-100's of Remington and those sledge hammers from the Salvage company! I've had at least one ever since Rem. came out with .221 Fireball in, I believe, 1968. Now I have 'em in several flavors including a rebarreled Savage in 6mm BR, an XP in .250AI, both of which have 16" barrels. Also, have the .XP/.223, a couple of .221 Fireballs, one in 7BR and several I don't remember the caliber of off hand! I had the Savage rebarreled by Steve Branham, S. Carolina, years ago, about 1995 or thereabouts, and it has never been shot. Several of the others have never been shot either.
I've always been more of an accuracy freak than someone who has to load a gun to max to enjoy it. Found out many years ago that ya' can't miss 'em fast enough to kill 'em so I finally realized and accepted that fact! The reason I haven't shot so many of them is that I got many of them hoping to enjoy them after retiring. Well, I retired then had a couple of heart attacks and a case of bad knees so my varmint hunting sort of came to a halt. Then I left Georgia and moved back to the God-forsaken Peoples' Republic of Illinois, sister-state to North Korea! Ain't nuttin' left up here to hunt unless you're into 'Drive-By Shooting" up around Cook Co. or Madison Co.!
Also, have a like-new Cooper in 19X.223 that I've shot but seven rounds through it. Took it out one day to begin the barrel break-in procedure when it began to rain. Into the case and the truck it went and after I took it home and cleaned it, it never got to go back out and play again! The largest caliber rifle I currently own is a 6MM Remington in a Model 600. I never believed in bazookas, just a rifle to do the job that had the accuracy to put the bullet where it would accomplish just that! No macho crap with cannons!
Accuracy was the rule; not mass concussion.
Someday day, SOON, I'm gonna' have to bite the bullet and sell some guns but it is still hard to do even facing my health problems!
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I love handguns. Finding time to shoot is what seems like a unsolvable issue. I just inherited several 1000 rounds of ammo, some in calibers that I don't own a gun in. Plus thousands of boolits.
Now I need trigger time and I can't see it happening in the near future.
I enjoy shooting them.... fact I just got a Dillon 650 so I can make more ammo:D
I have always loved 1911's and XP's a few years ago I got a Glock23 Gen 4 because a buddy told me the grip angle was better,never liked Glock till I shot that 23,now I have 6 of em.I think its great fun to shot the 10mm at 100 yard pie plates with the red dot.We shoot XP's at 1000 yard targets at the Cold Turkey match in Sundance Wyoming,what a hoot!Check out the Speciaty Pistol Forum site,lots of good reading there.I love pistols and revolvers,just wish I could shoot em better:eek:
TinMan, the CZ52's are pretty ugly but boy do they shoot.
Slangs the brass too...don't want somebody standing next

I've always loved shooting pistol! I shot USPSA matches decades ago and even won a slot to go to "Nationals" a couple times (I was at the first Nationals won with a red-dot sighted gun). I hunted deer with a .35 Rem Contender, coyotes/fox with .223 barrel Contender, and squirrels and such with .22. When my wife told me I shoot too much, I quit "action shooting" and that only left me with handgun hunting and a little "plinking". Well, got rid of the wife, and now back to shooting pistol. Now at this age, I have to remember what one of the front sights to use for anything over 15-20 yards, so I use optics. Not long ago I got my first slide mounted red-dot centerfire, a SIG P320 RX, and that has gotten me back into action shooting. I love it! I wish I would have had it decades ago.
Some of the most fun I've had was long range shooting with unlikely long range guns... .22 pistols at 200-300 are a hoot! I once shot a 4 foot group (7 rounds) with my .45 Officers ACP at 300 yards standing offhand. From that 3.5 inch barrel it took a few long seconds of flight time which makes it all the more fun! I once read a tip from Elmer Kieth, you line the top of the front sight on the target, and lower the rear sight while keeping front centered. At 300 with that .45 I had to hold front on target and the top of the rear centered on the front of the ejection port.

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Donnie, yup the CZ-52 will sling brass with the best of them, and it is loud because of the muzzle velocity. For brass slinging, my HK P-7 rivals it for that.

Steven, I used to shoot empty gallon paint cans at 200 yards with 45 Colt single actions. Had to do the same sighting trick you described. Took about 1 second for flight time.
I guess if you live long enough you'll end up shooting games that most common sense would say it isn't likely that you're going to hit anything....but you hit anyway. We've played the distance games for years at my step dads peanut fields. The fields are 1 mile square and we have targets setup at various points along the fence line. Yep, we've shot the 5 gallon cans at 300 and at 500 yds with pistols. There's a lot of sky and hope with every shot, LOL. I went thru the Remington XP-100s as well. The best was a 6x47 International with a 12" barrel. Highly accurate. I never really liked shooting with a scope though. Just doesn't seem natural to me. Went thru the usual with the Contenders. I still have a stack of barrels from a 22LR bull to the 44 mag with a choke for shotshell. The 35 Herrett can be a handfull with heavy weigh bullets and max loads. The 6 TCU was the favorite for hunting. I guess I should break them out and renew the acquaintance.

Talk about having ammo but no gun for it. It's a standing joke in the family. If I wanted a specific chambering for any gun, rifle or pistol, all I had to do was buy a box of ammo for it and give it to my brother. Might take a month but he'd find a gun that would shoot the ammo. We share guns a lot but then we have a lot of guns. Mostly old Winchesters and Marlins with a few dozen customs.

One of the ladies that shoots with us shoots a CZ Shadow II in 9mm. Now that's a sweet shooting pistol and if I had $1200.00 that was to be spent on a 9mm pistol, the Shadow II would be it. Extremely accurate right out of the box. Certainly beats the Kimbers I have.

Shooting and range time is matter of priorities. It's a 150mile round trip for me to go to the range. Step dads farm was sold a few year back so I'm doing to public ranges. Only thing keeping me home now is the heat. The range I shoot at is all gravel and it's like being in a microwave by 9AM. But it'll cool off one of these days and I'll be burning gas again. I guess it's a good thing that I have a lot of Exxon stock, LOL!.
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Loved my target pistols for many years!

Gold Cups, S&W 52's 41's, XP-100, etc.

Here's a pic of one I built, back in the early 1980's.

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Always have loved pistols - especially when my eyes weren't so old.

Shot 44 mags in the "steel chicken" game for several years. Just a local 'fun shoot' sponsored by a local shooting supply shop.

My favorite was a 10.5" Ruger Super Blackhawk that would print 5 in a 1-1/2" circle off-hand at 25 yards. My pet load was the Sierra 220 gn truncated (match) bullet over 21.x grains of H2400.

I traded that gun for a T/C w/ a 10" bbl that shoots lights out with 260 gn Hornandy XTPs(?) over a stiff load of W296. Brutal recoil for a 44 mag, but shoots clover leafs from a rest at 25 yards.

Every once in a while one gets away that I forevermore KICK myself for ever letting get away from me. That was the Remington XP-100 from the Rem custom shop in 7mmO8. Scoped it was a tack-driver with a custom walnut stock and a 2oz trigger. The only comfort I got from that trade is the fact it went to a handy capped, older gentleman who bagged an elk with it a couple weeks after he bought it from the shop where I traded it. And too, the gun I traded for evolved into my prize (deadly!) Hart-barreled Rem 6BR that I have taken to the BBB on several occasions.

I don't shoot rifles as much anymore as I do my pistols: 22LR Ruger Mk-IIs always please me - and earns their fair share of wins in informal matches (first place in my CCW class qualifying...AmI (my wife) took second with the same gun.).

For my carry guns I favor the 45 ACP (winter) and 380s (summer). ALL of them cut one-hole, 8-shot groups at 21 feet from two-handed standing; the Sig being my 45 ACP carry, and usually my Wather PPK/S in 380. (Leighhigh is the ammo that lifts even the 380 ACP into what was the realm of the 9mm territory. And! Ya oughta see what that same ammo brand does in the 45 ACP while keeping the same POI at 21 (home protection) distance (feet)!

I seldom shoot my 6" S&W Mo 29 anymore. It will tag empty 12 ga hulls at 25 yards, off-hand pretty consistently, but the 44 mag T/C is even better for deer, and defense goes to the autos. And, besides, the T/C is scoped (which these 70 year old eyes appreciates).

Anymore, the majority of my shooting is either shotgun or pistols. (I get tired of whoopin' up on Roo-roo-roogers:D, so my pet Rem/Jewel/Hart doesn't see much action ever since the PD towns I used to haunt have pretty much dried up.)
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Paul reminded me of a good point too.. Around here shooting past 200 yards gets a bit tough at most gun ranges. I compete in USPSA matches at a club with a 1500 yard range (with electronic scoring) but membership is steep, you are required to work so many hours, and there's a waiting list. I have a hard enough time finding time to shoot let alone finding a free weekend to work. I also put in time at my other clubs.
My uncles sold their 3600 acre farm some years back so I dont have access there anymore. It's just harder to practice stretching out. Shooting pistol let's me get some gunpowder therapy in....

Trapper, It doesn't make sense that the 10mm slings brass so far. I have seen a good many five inch 10mm and some 9x25's and none slung brass like that. You have done everything else and may have already done this but pretty much down to tuning the ejector and extractor. There was a contraption to reduce recoil that replaced the recoil spring and guide but I forget what it was called. I had one in a .45 for awhile. Can't remember the results, I think OK but not a miracle. The forty five wasn't a big deal even with major loads so I quit using it, added to weekly disassembly and cleaning time. Another note, back in the old days that Wilson pad swelled around the edges and caused jamming. I just cleaned up the edges on a grinder to make it a little smaller. With everything else working right they weren't needed and I quit using them. Final thought on this pistol, the barrel and slide might be unlocking too fast. A tough fix because it probably involves a new barrel. I assume you are already running a pretty tight bushing. If it was sloppy factory you might gain a little longer lock-up with a tighter bushing.

The main reason for posting, I tuned a seven inch longslide for a fellow back when the world was young. Those stainless things that liked to gall if you weren't careful keeping them lubricated. Were those AMT's? Anyway, when it had been tuned it was a very sweet softshooting gun and very accurate. Always wanted a seven inch longslide after that but never got around to getting one. I wouldn't hesitate a moment recommending somebody else spend their money on one! :D
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I have tuned the ejector on it HU. I thought maybe I wasn't near as good as I thought I was about a 1911 so I took to a guy that sets up all of the competition 1911s of the local military clubs. He pretty much builds 1911s for a lot of competitors across the USA. He looked at it and said he couldn't improve on what I had done to it. I put a Wilson Extractor in it so that's good too. It seems the gun throwing brass is a common problem with the Remington R1. Others have the same complaint. In one respect, I'm kinda glad I have the problem as the gun is not speced very good. The recoil was extremely violent but not hard on the hand. After just 100 rounds thru the gun, the frame at the rear of gun was showing wear thru the blue. Since all of the work I've put into it, the cold blue I used as an indicator is still there so I've taken a lot of violence out of the action of the gun. I'm going to assume the weight of the slide is just too much for a standard size frame. Too much inertia that the gun can't shed.
FWIW, Fusion is casting a 7" slide and barrel. It's a good thing I don't have the current funds to buy one. Otherwise, one would be on the way. They sell it raw, no parts, just the cast slide and barrel. You get to build it from there. That might just be the second project in line. I've had the opportunity to shoot a 7" 45acp and feel in love. But it can be an expensive venture, as you probably know.

Paul, I assume you know Midway has the Lehigh bullets available for reloading. I use their 7.62x 39 123gr Controlled Chaos bullet in an AR upper. I'm not sure there's a difference between a 350lb hog getting hit with it or a Peterbilt fell on it. Awesome amount of shocking power. The Lehigh bullets are my carry bullet in my handloads. I carry a 9mm, 40SW, and 45 ACP, depending on what I feel like at the time. You should see what their little light weight killers do on a coyote out of a 9mm. It will make you believe in the 9mm as a REAL gun. Seems to me I read an article about a game manager killing a grizzly bear at point blank range with a 9mm and using Lehigh ammo.
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Donnie I love the CZ52, it is a flat shooting hard hitting beast! I must confess to a love of single, actions, have a Ruger single six in blue and stainless, a Blackhawk and super Blackhawk all tuned with the same spring kits and let off! My favorite cartridge is .38/357, have several of those, a few glocks, a 9mm 17 that I have went thru extensively and shoots tiny groups at 25 ydards, a 9mm Shield by S&W that I carry more than anything, and two Ruger sp101's, both in 357, a 3" and a 4" that I have went thru the actions on both. I have a Ruger p-94 in 9mm that is a shooter, but a little clunky for everyday carry, but rides in the vehicle with me daily! I have a few more and shoot them regularly, try to stay in shooting shape with them all!
Never gave the CZ 52s a second look until I shot one.
Back when I worked at the pawn shop, there was several that came
through. Ammo was dirt cheap and so was the pistols. Hind sight
is 20/20 they


PS...just read this post and laughed...spell check really screwed it up...
Think I got it straighten out now
I have several different handguns and revolvers. Carry a 380 most of the time or one of the glocks, a 357 Sig around town, my 10mm with 205gr wfn hard cast at 1240fps is my mountain carry. My wife can't shoot the glocks but will wear out steel with the 1911. My 80% glock in 9mm is a range toy and set up for suppressed use, if my stamp ever gets approved.

I have killed a bunch of stuff with pistols but have never purposefully taken one out for big game hunting.
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