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KF was talking about his Schrade yesterday. I also carry one and it goes missing sometimes. May show up in the washing machine or Stuck somewhere. I always carry a knife right along with my pistol 😁
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This one was made in USA and has a rough life. Don't know where it came from.
I won the "Boobie" prize today at the old folks lunch and This was in the bag. View attachment 33372
I see on the package say "Made in China."
In my "dress up clothes" Blue Jeans, I carry a Case XX USA single blade.
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Given to me a few years ago and it is a decent knife.
A Fella said old Abe Lincon was carring this model in his pocket when he went to the Theater.
I have a few others that I don't pack around anymore, i almost lost the Case XX at the TSA checkpoint, but a slight of hand and a Western belt buckle save it.
Still pissed i lost my Old KBar about 30 years ago, by leaving it on a truck bumper.
That's why I don't carry a nice one for farm use.
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