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Keith,I have a MOJO Fuzzy Thang.

looks like a body with fur and a tail that rocks back and forth like a pendulum on a clock,only the tail points up of course. I haven't called anything in with it yet but I haven't had it out all that often. one thing to remembr if you get one-- make sure the thumb screw that tightens the tail down is tight--- I lost the tail once in a neighbors alfalfa field--went back three times trying to find ,finally gave up. The next summer my neighbor pulls in to the place and hands me the tail. Seems he was stacking bales and found it laying on top of one. He figured a hawk picked it up thinking it was a critter and left it on the bale when he realized it wasn't real. By the way I had called MOJO to see if I could buy a replacement and they sent me one for free. All I had to pay was 10.00 shipping. Not bad.

P.S. My only complaint is it has a spike to pushinto the ground and here in central SD right now the grounds frozen solid. I'm gonna try and make a tri-pod for it.Otherwise I like it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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