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I thought I would share with everyone an experience I had recently with Beretta Customer Service.

I purchased one of their new Extrema 2 shotguns earlier this year, and for the most part it has functioned and shot great. This gun fits me better than any other shotgun I have ever owned, and handles like a dream. It has a fantastic trigger, is much easier to clean than my Browning Gold/Winchester Super X2 shotguns ( plus I like the balance and FEEL of the Beretta better ), and I installed a Swedish EasyHit fiberoptic sight on it, so it now has the ultimate in shotgun sights too.

Only minor complaint I have about the gun is that Beretta's marketing makes it appear that it is the lightest recoiling 3.5 inch 12 gauge shotgun on the market today. But when you check into this more closely, it turns out that they are only comparing the competition to the Extrema model with their expensive Kick-Off recoil reduction system option, which adds another $350 to the price of the gun. If you buy the standard model without Kick-Off, like most people like myself do, I can atest that the gun has much SHARPER recoil than either of my two Browning Gold/Super X2 series 3.5 inch 12 gauge shotguns. I can really feel the difference.

And it is not that I really mind the difference, mind you. I just don't care for how misleading Beretta has been about this in their marketing of the gun.

But anyway, on to the one problem I had with my Extrema 2.

I was cleaning my Extrema 2 for just the second time, when the plastic magazine tube cap at the end of the magazine, which keeps the magazine spring and 3 shot plug inside the magazine, slipped off by itself, sending the plug and magazine spring flying across the room.

Inspecting the magazine tube cap, I discoverd that the clip on it designed to latch into the magazine tube and retain it, was cracked. Due to this defect, the cap could not snap in properly into the tube.

Well, I contacted Beretta customer service via email and heard back from a support rep within 2 days. I asked him if I could get a new magazine cap. He said yes, but that delivery time for it would be 2 to 3 months!

I was really not happy about that, but what could I do? The rep would not admit that there was any defect in the design or manufacture of the part.

Well, 3 weeks later, and what comes in the mail? A new Magazine spring! I look at the invoice, and it mentions the spring, and also says that a new magazine plug is on backorder. However, the problem was that I had not requested replacements for either of these two parts! And no where on the invoice was their any mention of any backorder for the magazine cap.

So I contacted them again, and complained about the fact that the invoice made no mention of sending me a new magazine cap, and that I really had not asked for the other parts. The rep told me that he had just gone ahead and put an order in for them on his own initiative, believing that they may have been damaged. In truth, I had told him about how everything had come flying out twice, striking the walls of my home.

Anyway, he gave me more assurances that everything would be OK. About 2 weeks after that, the new magazine plug arrived. And then finally, after about 2 1/2 months going by, the new magazine cap finally arrived.

And boy, does it ever look different than my first one. The tab portion designed to fit into the retaining hole of the magazine is really beefed up, compared to the first one. So it would seem to me, despite assurances that there were no real defects with the part, that Beretta has modified the part, to make it stronger.

So I'm glad that I now have a good magazine tube cap, that should hopefully work fine from now on. But it burns me a little that their rep never offered me any apology of any kind for the problem in the first place. And the fact how he ignored me when I asked if that part was having any problems. I think it must have, judging from how different the new retaining tab on the magazine cap now looks.

I was also a litlte PO'ed at how the first two invoices I got made no mention of the backorder for the part that I really wanted, which made me nervous about whether it really was on backorder.

But the part finally came, after 2 1/2 months. While I really did not like waiting that long, if it meant having to wait that long to get a better part, it was worth it.

All in all, I guess this is a mixed report. Some things they did right, but I did not care for other issues that took place.

At least I am 100% happy with the gun, which is the ultimate bottom line.

Lance in Orygun

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I love both my Beretta O/U's. But, I have Never heard of anyone having a good experence with Beretta's CS. Glad to hear it's fixed Lance. BTW, I know people that just send there B guns to Rich Cole to get them fixed. Rich has an inside track with Beretta somehow. He can get parts overnight or he stocks them. Even though they are "backordered". WDO

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Welcome to the wonderfull world of gun repair.

Now imagine if you had taken your shotgun to the gunsmith and had him order the part, do you think you would have belived him when he told you the story you just related?
I deal with this type of BS with many of our firearms manufacturers- fact is I can't order parts from any part of the "Beretta" conglomerate because I don't buy $5000 worth of firearms from them to be on there list of "approved" dealers, so I have to find a "dealer" to order parts through, and most of them just want to sell guns, not mess with parts.
The best (worst) part of your ordeal is that at least you could use the shotgun without the little plastic pos- what if you needed an important part?
I had a customer who damaged his barrel- it took 6 months to get a replacement!

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I've had to use their CS dept. twice.

I no longer own any beretta firearms.

The best CS from a gun maker I've ever had was with Taurus, Browning and Savage.

Ruger is hit and miss...... I think it depends on which CS rep you deal with to be honest.

Remington...... forget it. Fortunately, several places carry parts for them. It's much easier to just buy the part and fix it yourself.

I can't express in words how good the CS at Taurus is.... almost like Nordstrom's or some other high end retailer. Unbelievable.
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