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Best howler for Arkansas

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In your experience, best howler (call itself handheld) for the eastern Coyote? Self-blew, not electronic.
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I haven't yote hunted in a few years, but I always thought howlers with the reed built into a cow horn or something similar sounded best and projected better than small howlers. Don't have a brand to recommend. Maybe Shane G can be more specific.
I think I still have a howler but not sure what brand it is/was. Most of the time we use a FoxPro but I have a couple distress call just incase the electronic takes a dump.
I use and like custom made howlers made by Brian Combs with Crooked Creek Custom Calls. He also makes other calls as well.. check him out on facebook.
He also makes diaphrams that work very nicely as well...So I am in Virginia and we are hunting the Eastern Coyotes... kill about 150 + per year using hand,diaphram and electronic callers.

I really appreciate the replies and the info, thank you very much!:)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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