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Bird hunter off the reservation!

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Hello all you varmint masters. I'm not technically a new member but I've been away from the site for a long time. My first love is bird hunting but I have been known to smite a varmint now and then. This year I've been after the sage rats
(ground squirrels) and prairie dogs. Getting into coyote hunting now, a guy has to do something to pass the time until bird season.
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Welcome back. We still be here. Come on in and set a spell.

Welcome back RWB.
Nothing wrong with bird hunters and you have to shoot a few of the predators and feed the rest via the red mist occasions and that saves a few birds too.
What kind of birds do you hunt? I would enjoy hearing some bird hunt stories. What do you have for dogs ?
I hunted birds also. Love duck hunting, hunted a lot of pheasants and ruffed grouse. Legs and knees are shot can’t walk very good now. I still duck hunt a bit if they are feeding in the stubble fields. My family builds me a blind out of hay bales and corn stalks. I drive the 4 wheeler into the blind and my grandsons are with also and we wait for them. It’s okay but it’s not like the shooting you get in a blind on the water, but I can’t get there. So that’s as good as it gets. Don’t hunt grouse or pheasants any more either. But I love to hear the stories.
30 some years ago I went to round up Montana a couple years. Bird hunting there was fabulous with all the different birds available.
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