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So, most of you Green Board veterans know about the Prairie Dog Safaris that have sprung up here. Sometimes only one a year, sometimes more. And most of you know that on one such safari, 2006 I believe, we fried up two prairie rattlers, a 4-footer and a 5-footer. No exaggeration because I measured 'em, skinned 'em, and cooked 'em. Here's a photo of the 4-footer. Cliff and his son, Grant, brought in the 5-footer.

I thought whacking rattlers and eating them was pretty exciting until I read this article today. It's about a bunch of U.S. soldiers who did some jungle survival training in Thailand. They were treated to a demonstration of snake handling that would put an East Tennessee holiness church to shame.

And if you want to hear a really funny rattlesnake story, get Birdog to tell you about the time a snake out in Colorado taught him to do an Indian war dance and then walk on air. I kid you not, his legs were pumping so hard that he actually levitated. I happened to be watching through binoculars and laughed so hard I pee'd my pants just a little.

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