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Blue Ling Cod

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Figured I should put this in the fishing section. Out on the bay Saturday with my son. Had a slow start until we started fishing near the jetty then got into fish. Fun thing about fishing in salt water here is you are never sure what you are going to catch. We landed 5 different kinds of fish. Black rock fish, blue rock fish (unsure why they have this name as they are not blue), copper rock fish, kelp greenling and ling cod.

Ling cod are the prized bottom fish as they fight very hard and are great eating. They are aggressive feeders and with a mouth full of teeth, you really have to be cautious when unhooking them. We caught 3 but there is a 22 inch minimum length and this one was the only keeper size. Some develop a very blue color to them and as you can see in the fillets, even the meat is that color but it turns white when cooked.

Not all the fish caught are big ones. LOL. We were also crabbing and took home 19 Dungeness crab. Good day out on the water.

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Looks like a good time was had by all…….except the poor fish.
Interesting set of hand shreaders he has.
Never caught anything like that flipping for flounder at a Chas SC harbor groin. Looks like he could acquit himself well when hooked.
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