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bet I'm the only one that has used a seater die to do the initial resize on a case and stuck a case, pulled the rim right off that sucker.
using the seater die made by Paul Rodgers to help with the resizing of the 17 v-raptor cases (5.7X28 necked down to 17 caliber)in an attempt to avoid just this exact thing happening. the seater die is tight and was cut with the same reamer as the original sizer I got from Paul, not sure how much polishing Paul did on the seater.
the seater die seats bullets with less than .002 runout, so no complaints here

the only thing I can figure is the 5.7x28 cases are made with a different alloy of brass than other cases and the case is so hard it just doesn't want to be resized. the case gets a liberal douse of imperial sizing wax, the case must be stopped after partial resize, removed and lubed again. it may take as many as three or four passes to resize a case if all the plastic coating has been removed. georgel made the comment '"he thought the brass sounded very hard from my description.
the brass case comes out so shiny it would make any marine jealous. the removal of the plastic begins when the case is annealed in the neck/shoulder area.[/SIZE][/FONT]

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