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Bushnell came out with a new line of scopes last year called the Engage. They've gotten some good reviews and I like their features so I bought one.

Mine is a 1" tube 4x12. I mounted it on a Volquartsen--ized 10-22 that I use for Richardson's Ground Squirrels and I think It's going to be a good addition.

It's the first scope I've had with EFR on the side --- very handy. I can turn down the parallax-free zone to 30 yards or so --- better and handier than what I had before.

It's also the first scope with MOA markings on the reticle that I've had. This one has both vertical and windage. I'm still getting use to changing over from inches to MOA. I printed out a cheat sheet from a ballistic calculator that has a MOA option (Hornady) and am studying that.

The MOA difference from inches is kinda confusing to me but less so after I saw the calculator. If you have any comments about working with MOA I'd welcome them. Do you prefer MOA or inches?

Anyway, I sighted it in and it's a clear field of view and the adjustments work well. My old WW Power Points go into one slightly elongated hole @ 50 yards but now and then their is a flier that opens the group to an inch or so.
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