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Busy couple weeks for Janet and I

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Today we'll finally get to burn some powder today. After moving my daughter into her new house, Janet into her new place, and clearing out her storage units, me healing a damaged Achilles tendon, and Janet's back ache, we're finally going to get some range time in. First some Clay's, then pistols.
My daughter's house is beautiful! Built in the late 1800s, it will need some work, but has a ton of character.



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More pictures please!!!!

Steven I would love to see a bunch more of those pictures of that place. You are correct a lot more then a ton of character in that house. Love that front door, do wish the picture had been vertical.

Congrats on getting out to burn some powder. It has been just way too hot and dry here to do anything like that. Got some load testing and sighting in that needs doing, but the heat and other things have taken away any opportunity to get out.

If I lived closer my wife would offer us up just to come and help with work on that house.
Yep, it beautiful...
Getting to smell smoke [gun] does a body
More pics would be nice, love the way
they used to do stuff with wood.


Great woodwork done by real craftsmen on real hand. I've got a buddy who will be drooling over those pictures.

Saved the door photo to my desktop so I could rotate it. That's an amazing piece right there!
Steven, a very nice house indeed. Is that in Wisconsin also? Wow, high end features, curved front door and curved glass with some small leaded glass panels, pocket doors and parquetry floors. Is that front door area just a front vestibule or is it a portion of a larger room itself. It bet it has the old push-button light switches, too. With all those features, I bet it was the banker's house originally.

I did finish carpentry for 22 plus years. That house is impressive. I have a FB friend in Mozambique that does stuff like that with hand tools. It is humbling.
Steven, do you think the parquetry floors are original, or maybe added at some point? I'm just curious what kind of work was done in what periods. The door is impressive, but that floor is a danged work of art. The company I work for (Humana insurance) built a new HQ building here in Louisville in the 1980s and the elevators have book-matched wood panels in the elevators. I'm not sure what the wood is, but it's something exotic, probably from South America. I've started fooling around putting nice wood handles on knife blanks, so beautiful wood really catches my eye.
I love the old houses. My Aunt Minnie and Uncle Will had a house like that when I was a kid. I always really enjoyed going to see them and wandering around in their house.
Those pictures are impressive. To find
someone today w/that much talent would
be like finding a dinosaur. I love beautiful
wood. I hope yall have a good day on tha range
I just love the house too... To answer the questions I can remember... It is in Wisconsin, an hour or so North-East of Madison. It does have the push button light switches that my daughter loves (I'll try to get her to change them later). It also has the twist type mechanical door bell (that I It was build in 1886, if I remember the date right. The curved front door leads into what Michelle's fiancee calls a winter polish yes, a nice entry you'll see in the following pictures. From all indications, and what they told me, the floors are original. The middle of each floor is plain, unfinished wood like they did in those days before wall to wall carpeting. It was for an area rug, also the rug won't move even without tacks.
Pardon the mess, it was move-in day, and I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked.
A bit more about the house.... It was built with a boiler and that was fairly uncommon in those parts at that time. The curved part on top of the porch opens up from the master bedroom and is perfect size for a couple to sit and relax in in the morning, maybe over coffee. There are several curved window panes in the house, all seem original glass. (as you can see air bubbles and waves in the glass)
The first picture shows how curved the front door and screen door are, and how the floor needs refinishing.
Second shows the wood grate that is the cold air return.
Third is the beveled glass window in the Parlor (or sitting room?) 5 rooms plus bath on first floor
Fourth is looking from room in previous pic towards front door
Last picture is from dining room towards that room in third pic. You can see bathroom on the left, and built in china cabinets (2, one on each side of chimney) on the left

I have a couple more pictures, but these are the highlights....



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vertical door - hope picture does it justice.


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