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Guy’s my wife and I are taking a 4 day weekend the middle of June and we are thinking of going up to Michigan. Any sights or places you’d recommend checking out.

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Do you have a destination/town in mind?

The Lake Michigan side is really nice that time of year. Around Ludington.
We want to check out Lake St Clair for future reference. We want to fish it if I get a bigger boat. Other than that we are open for ideas.
Downtown Detroit...
Yeah, that'll work...
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By all means check out the fishing on Lake St. Clair, the Detroit River at its two ends, the St.Clair River as it is also full of fish. The Lake Michigan shore is sandier and busier and with more fishing charters, if you care to check out that aspect. The Lake Huron shoreline is less populated with people and places to shop, eat, etc.. You almost have to go to Mackinac Island when you come to Michigan. I believe it is the number one tourist destination. You have to park on the mainland and take a ferry to the island without cars. Everything there is on foot, bicycle, or horse drawn wagon
Oh, if you hit the Lake Michigan side you have to visit T.C., Traverse City.
As luck would have it this item is on one of the news websites today.
We have several (somewhere around a hundred) guys that go up there this time of year every year that catch over fifty smallmouth a day. They average around three pounds. One guy caught a 9.8 last week.
Many of them stay in motels on the outskirts of Detroit close to the lake with no issues.
Are they hiring charters or going out on their own?
Lake St. Clair is loaded with bass, walleyes, and perch.
I would think you’d be fishing the north end of the lake and that gets you close to Marine City and some really good restaurants including Marine City Fish Company, Gar’s, Anita’s and going just north to St. Clair is maybe my favorite, Voyageur.
They are all on their own. A guy that owns a local bait store has been going 38 years.
Bait Shop. My buddy used to call them the Town Liar. You should have been here yesterday. They were biting on purple pimples. You need to get these silver minnows; they aren’t biting on anything else. Or they only grab our mealy worms.
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Taking a jet catamaran to Mackinac Island is high on my list. Back on land, cross the incredible Mackinac Bridge and it's only about 90 miles north to Whitefish Point, which has a really nice maritime museum featuring artifacts from the Edmund Fitzgerald. Drive back south across the bridge to Mackinaw City and you're only an hour from Petoskey. I can't remember what I liked there, but it's a really neat area. Then you go another hour and a half south to Traverse City, Cherry Capital of Michigan. As I recall both Petoskey and Traverse City are full of incredibly beautiful Victorian-era homes.

Since you only have a few days, and you want to explore quite a bit of Lake St. Clair, you might want to focus mostly on the Detroit-area. For sure you want to see the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village. It's been 30 years since I visited, but I remember it as being pretty incredible, with so much more than just car and manufacturing stuff. Since y'all are the right age, the Motown Museum is only about 20 minutes away.
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We are on the road again today so I will properly answer Sunday morning.
Because our summers are so short, folks crowd a lot into the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Any tourist destination will be busy.

As KYF said, Mackinaw Island is a tourist destination. Plan on walking a lot as there are no cars on the island. In June it will be busy as the other tourists will be there as well. If you need T-shirts, Mackinaw Island is the place to go. :LOL: Take the ferry ride from the north side of the Mackinac Bridge at St.Ignace. It is a shorter trip over the water. Bring a jacket as the air temp over the water will still be cold.
On the south side of the bridge is Mackinaw City and Fort Michlamilimac. The Fort is worth a visit for the history. There is the Old Straits Lighthouse immediately to the east of the fort and also worth a visit.

If you wish to venture further north of the Mackinaw Bridge & see some wilderness, the area around Tahquamenon Falls is beautiful. A bit west of the there is Grand Marais is a nice town on Lake Superior that is more geared for restful adult tourism.

Soo Saint Marie is home to the Soo Locks between Lake Superior & Lake Huron. There is a freighter ship museum to see on the east end of town. That town is also tourist oriented. Good food at the casino there.
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