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Classified ads rules THIS CLASSIFIEDS SECTION IS FOR PRIVATE SALES FROM OUR SITE MEMBERS OR FOR OUR SITE SPONSORS. If you are in the business of selling shooting related products and wish to post items for sale in this section, please contact us about becoming a site sponsor.

A couple of guidelines to keep this section clean. When you sell your goods, please delete your post. Or, if it is sold pending funds, please edit the subject of the post accordingly. You can wait til the transaction is complete before making the SOLD announcement to ensure that you receive payment.

Varmints Den is not responsible for anything bought or sold in this section.

Classified ads Guidelines

1. All ads should be placed in ONE appropriate forum.

2. All items MUST be priced!

3. You MUST have valid contact information to sell and provide it to Varmints Den staff upon request

4. You MUST have both your PM and e-mail turned on to sell here.

5. Absolutely no stomping on other peoples' posts! Do not remark in any way that would negatively impact the sale of someone’s merchandise. This can result in your account being locked.

6. No posting of anything illegal.

7. Keep in mind Rule #1 above.

8. The seller CANNOT reply to their own ad within 72 hours of anyone's post (including their own) for any reason. The 72-hour countdown for the seller restarts with each new reply to the ad by ANYONE.

9. All changes/updates should be done with the edit feature to the original ad, not by adding another response.

10. Buyers – Pleae, no 'mail sent' responses. Simply send the seller an e-mail and/or IM. Also, please don’t bump the ads with "Hey, free bump for a nice rifle.", "Free bump for a nice guy", "Hey, great rifle. I wish I had the money", etc. All small talk should be restricted to IM or e-mail. Do not post in an ad unless you are interested in the item(s) for sale.


Sellers -- Be 100% sure that you want to sell the item and are satisfied with the selling price. If you back out of a deal AFTER you've agreed to sell it to a particular buyer, your account MAY BE LOCKED!

Buyers -- Be 100% sure that you can financially afford to purchase an item before offering to do so. If you back out of a deal AFTER you've agreed to buy from a particular seller, your account MAY BE LOCKED!
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