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I was visiting my mother recently, my dad passed away last year so she has a big house to herself and not much for company. I try and make the drive atleast once a month to NE Ia. for a visit.
It was 3:35 in the afternoon , I had about an hour of shooting time left so I decided to take a walk from the house . I headed towards the highway and walked the top of the ditch north with my faithful 7 yr. old companion Sota. He is a veteran upland dog and a great friend.

We (I) walked for about a 1/2 mile with no activity, we made our way down to were a culvert goes under the hway. I could tell Sota was on scent, his paced quickened, tail upright. We went another 20 yds. when a couple hens flushed, I knew there had to be a cock nearby. We continued on a little further, the ground was covered in scent, Sota was in his element. A few more steps and all hell broke loose, the first rooster tried to fly back, he caught a load of cooper 5s, the next rooster was nearly a straight away but headed towrds the road. A two round volley proved fruitless as he continued to the opposite side and into the ditch. The last bird flushed just after my previous miss, two more shots and Sota was busy retreiving another cock.
After loading the birds in my game bag, praising the pup for great work and watering him, we let out in search of our last bird.

He wasn't far from where he landed, a close flush, a quick shot ,good dog work and we were done by 4 o'clock.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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