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I have seen foxes close to the house and have had coyotes come close, but in the 3+ years I have lived at this location, I have never seen a coyote down in the valley where my house is. Hunting behind my house can be sporatic, but I have been able to call in coyotes back there. Shooting is tough though with the wooded areas. Animals can slip in and out pretty quick and check out what's going being just barely visible, then disappear. 120 were back there a couple of days ago along with coyote tracks but have moved down valley a mile or more.

With a low pressure front moving in and the Solunar table saying 11am to noon would be good time to be out hunting, I thought I would go make a stand on the hill behind my house. Had the rifle by the door and started putting on the boots. Look up and a coyote is mousing in the neighbors field a couple of hundred yards away. I scoped him out, but there was no way to get a good shot since it was across a road and towards a house. He heard a car coming and bolted for the ditch.

About the time I get settled down, the sun comes out full bore. I don't like to call as much when I'm burning up in 38 degree high sunshine.

I guess I will try to call later when the storm is getting closer.

Se la vie!!

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